Terminal device setup instructions

Once you have received your terminal device, setting it up is easy. Just turn it on and connect it to your Wi-Fi network by swiping down from the top of the device’s screen and selecting your Wi-Fi network. Your terminal must be connected to Wi-Fi in order to process a payment. 

Once you’ve connected your device to Wi-Fi, run a SiteLink Live Update. To finish setting up your device:

1. Log into SiteLink Web Edition and navigate to Site Setup.

2. Click Payments Terminals from the SiteLink Marketplace menu.



On the Payment Terminal Setup screen, your terminal’s serial number will be pre populated based on the device assigned to your account. If you have multiple terminals to set up, select your device from the Terminal Device drop down menu.  


3. Enter a name for the terminal in the Terminal Name field. If you have multiple terminals, this will help you select the correct device when you take a payment.  

4. Click OK to complete setup. 


If you need to set up another terminal, repeat the steps above, selecting the additional terminal/s from the Terminal Device dropdown. 


Be sure to leave the terminal on at the end of each day so that all payments from the day are correctly sent to the processor.

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