SiteLink: What's New 2023

January 24, 2023

Increased custom unit and site attributes

We have increased the number of Custom Unit Attributes and Custom Site Attributes you can create from 5 to 10. Custom attributes allow you to display differentiating information about your facility and units and your website using the SiteLink API.

Site and Unit Attributes can be edited in SiteLink Web Edition by navigating to Site Setup > Program Defaults > Attributes on Website. 


Email tenant’s receipt

We resolved an issue that was preventing the Email button from working when accessed from a tenant's receipt page on the SiteLink MyHub 3D map.

Invoice due date

We resolved an issue that was causing invoices printed at move-in to show the date the invoice was printed as the invoice due date instead of the correct due date.

Report dates

We resolved an issue that was causing certain reports in SiteLink Web Edition to show a past date instead of the date the report was generated.


Storable Access Control

Automatically assign access zones

You can now automatically assign tenants to access zones based on the unit they are renting. This saves you the time and effort of manually assigning access zones. You can find instructions to assign units to access zones so that tenants are automatically assigned to the correct zones in our article: How do I create or edit an Access Zone?

Please note: Non-Tenant Accessors should be used for any non-tenants who need access to your facility instead of secondary contacts or Other Authorized Users. You can find instructions to create non-tenant accessors in our Help Center article.


January 10, 2023

SiteLink MyHub time zones

We have updated the date and time used in SiteLink MyHub so that it shows the same time zone that is used for the location in Web Edition, regardless of where MyHub is running.

Financial Summary Report

We resolved an issue that was causing the Financial Summary report in SiteLink Corporate Control Center to be sorted randomly instead of by account number.

Adding a tax exempt number

We resolved an issue that was causing users to be unable to add a tax exempt number during the reservation process or to add a tax exempt number to a contact who was not the primary tenant.

Units shown on Storable Websites

We resolved an issue that was sometimes causing occupied units to be shown as available on Storable websites that are integrated with SiteLink.

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