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NSF Payment Reversals

Checks and money orders that have been deposited but returned by the bank for Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) should be flagged as NSF in SiteLink to indicate that the money was not collected, and the charges originally covered by the payment should be added back to the tenant’s ledger. 


1. In SiteLink Web Edition, navigate to the Adjustments page and click NSF Payment Reversal.


2. Double click on the tenant’s name to see a list of available receipts. If a payment was already refunded or processed as NSF, it will not appear on the list.

3. Select the receipt that needs to be reversed.

4. In the bottom right corner under Process, check or uncheck the following options as needed:

  • Increment This Tenant’s Count of Total NSF: (Optional) This option adds to a running tally of the number of times this tenant has a returned payment. This can help you keep track of how many times a tenant’s payments are rejected.
  • Reverse Payment: This option should be selected so that the transaction is reversed and the charges are added back to the tenant’s ledger.
  • Add NSF Fee: (Optional) You may choose to add a fee associated with a returned payment.
  • Add Late Fee: (Optional) You can choose to add a late fee to the tenant’s ledger if a returned rent payment puts the tenant in a past due status.

5. Once you have selected your desired options, click Process to flag the payment as NSF and add charges to complete the process.

6. Click Yes from the pop up message to confirm you want to record the payment as bad. 




7. If you would like to print a Returned Check Notice, click Yes from the next pop up. 


The notice will include the charges due and any associated fees. You can print out a paper copy or email the notice by choosing an option at the top of this screen. 



8. When you are done, you will see a Transaction Successful message. 


Please note: Once a payment is flagged as NSF, you will not be able to modify or make further adjustments to the transaction. 

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