How do I modify units?

You can make changes to individual units or groups of units from Modify Units. If your unit groupings on reports and/or your website are incorrect, this may be because units with the same type and size have different attributes. You can clean up the attributes from Modify Units.

1. Navigate to Company in SiteLink Web Edition and click Modify Units.


2. Select the unit/s you want to modify. You can use the Wizard to select specific groups of units instead of selecting them individually.

3. Click Edit Selections


5. Make changes to the units as needed.


The Website - Unit Attributes section is where you can assign specific unit attributes to display on your website using the SiteLink API. Click Unit Attribute Setup to select attributes that can be applied. 


If you selected units with different values (ex: different sizes, types, or amenities), the field that doesn’t match cannot be edited.


6. Click OK to save your changes. 


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