Put Tenants in Units

The Put Customers In Units screen can be used if you are manually setting up a new facility in SiteLink. After you have set up all your units and entered all of your tenants, then you can assign tenants to their units. 

1. In SiteLink Web Edition, click Setup.


2. Navigate to the Units & Tenants page and click Put Tenants in Units.


3. Select a unit from your list of units and click the button below Tenant.


4. Choose the tenant who is renting that unit.

5. Enter the Lease Date. The date-picker control has some shortcuts to make it easier to jump to a year or month.

6. Enter the date of the first Unpaid Rent Start Date. For example, if the tenant is paid through the end of June, then the starting date of his first rent charge is July 1.

7. Enter the Rental Rate for the tenant.

8. Tax Rent: Check this box if tax is charged on the tenant’s rent. 

9. Unpaid Rent will be calculated based on the Rental Rate and tax you entered. 

10. Prepaid Rent: If the tenant is prepaid, you have two options for setting up their account:

  • Set the Unpaid Rent Start Date to the day after their paid-through date. There is no need to change the Prepaid Rent field. 
  • If you use accrual-based accounting and have not yet posted prepaid rent charges to your accounting system, click the Prepaid Rent field and enter the amount that has been paid between today’s date and the tenant’s Unpaid Rent Start Date. If you use cash-basis accounting, or if you have already posted prepaid rent to your general journal, then you don't need to use this feature.

11. Paid Deposit: Enter the tenant's security deposit balance if any.

12. Enter the tenant’s Insurance Balance if any. 

13. Enter the tenant’s Late Fee Balance if any.

14. Fee Balance: Enter the balance of other charges (anything not included in another field) that the tenant owes. This balance is a lump sum amount for other charges like boxes, NSF fees, etc. This amount will appear in the tenant's account as an Outstanding Balance charge.

15. Credit balance: A tenant's credit balance is any money in their account that has not been applied to a charge (not prepaid rent).

16. Click Save to finish. You can inspect your work by clicking the Ledger History Report button for this tenant.

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