How do I process Invoices?

To process tenant invoices, navigate to the Operations screen in SiteLink Web Edition and click Invoice.


Invoices to print

You will see a list of all tenants that need to be invoiced on the Invoices to Print tab. 

Select the invoices you would like to process and click Process. If a tenant rents more than one unit, they will receive a single consolidated invoice.


Print or email will be preselected depending on the tenant’s preferred document delivery method. Click Custom if you want to change these options. 


Click Process when you are ready to complete processing.   


If you would like to add a custom message to the invoice first, select the Setup tab. Enter your message and change formatting options if you would like. Click Save when you are done.


We recommend clicking Preview to preview the invoice with your message before printing to check word wrapping and how it looks on a printed sheet.


Unpaid Invoices

After invoices are printed, they will appear on the Unpaid Invoices tab. You can reprint an invoice from this tab if needed. Tenants will remain on the Unpaid Invoices tab until their invoice is paid.


đŸ“– To set or update your invoice default settings, read our article: Program Defaults.

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