Ledger Settings

Access a tenant's Ledger Settings

Ledger settings can be accessed from the Operations screen in SiteLink Web Edition by clicking Tenants. Select a tenant and click Ledger Settings on the right.


You can also Adjustments > Ledger Adjustments. Select a tenant and click Next. Click Ledger Settings at the bottom of the screen.  


From the Ledger Settings screen, you can make adjustments to the tenant's Billing settings, Fees, Rates, Invoice and document delivery preferences. 


Auto Billing

Auto Billing can be set up or changed from Ledger Settings under the Auto Bill section.

1. Select either Credit Card or ACH.

2. The Auto Bill On Day Past Due setting determines when the card will process. “0” is usually recommended, as this bills the tenant on the day that their rent period begins. You can only bill the card once the customer is due, not before.

3. You can also check the E-Mail Receipt box to email a receipt to the customer once their card has been successfully billed.


Click OK to save the credit card information.

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