How do I void or refund a transaction made with a Storable Payments terminal?

Voids and refunds cannot currently be initiated through SiteLink Web Edition if the payment was taken through a Storable Payments terminal. If you need to reverse a payment processed through the terminal, you can initiate it from SiteLink MyHub or by following the steps below. If you void or refund a payment from the terminal, be sure to enter a Ledger Adjustment in SiteLink Web Edition so your deposit balances correctly with your receipts. 


How to void a transaction through the terminal

Please note: The credit card used to make the payment must be present or you must have the card number to type in. 

1. Tap the icon in the bottom left corner of the terminal screen to access the home screen.

2. Tap the menu in the top left corner of the screen.

3. Tap History.

4. Find the transaction under either Pending or Processed.

4. Tap the payment you want to void/refund. Enter the amount of the payment and click Refund


Voids vs. Refunds

A payment that is reversed on the same day it was processed and before your deposit cutoff time will be voided (canceled before it is processed with the bank). There will be no record of the payment on the tenant’s bank statement.

If the payment is reversed after your daily deposit cutoff time, it will be handled as a refund. The original payment will be deducted from the cardholder’s bank account, and the refund will be credited back to them within a few days.


Record a Ledger Adjustment to delete a payment receipt

Follow the instructions below if you initiate a void or refund through the Storable Payments terminal to ensure your deposit balances correctly with your receipts. 

1. Navigate to Ledger Adjustments by clicking Adjustments and then Ledger Adjustments in SiteLink Web Edition. 

2. Select the customer who made the payment.

3. Select the receipt that you need to delete and click Refund/Void.

4. Click Yes when asked if you want to delete the entry. 

5. Enter a reason for the refund and an Authorization Code. We recommend entering “terminal refund” or something similar for your reference.

6. Click OK. 

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