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The Exceptions report

Your Exceptions report gives you the ability to track changes made to your software settings and gain visibility into who at your company made those changes so you can react as you see fit for your business. If you have access to the Exceptions Report, you can find the following data about changes made to Program Defaults, Security Level Setup, and Employee Setup: 

  • Which user made the change (the user’s initials)

  • What the original setting was 

  • What the new setting is

These details are available in both SiteLink Web Edition (SLWE) and SiteLink Corporate Control Center (CCC). The CCC Exceptions Report will show user initials for any change that was made in CCC or SLWE. However, the SLWE version will only show user initials for changes made in SLWE.

To view this data:

1. Log in to the Corporate Control Center.
2. Click Reports.
3. Select the site or sites you would like to view in the report by checking the box to the left of each site or checking the All box under Selection. Click Next.
4. Double click Exceptions under the Management section. 

5. Select the Reporting Period you would like to view and click All Exception Activity.

6. Click OK to view the report.

In the report you will see the following columns:

  • Exception Date: The date the change was made

  • Category: Action: The name of the setting that was changed

  • Initial Value: The original value of the setting (when non-monetary)

  • Reference/New Value: The new value of the setting after the change (when non-monetary)

  • Reference Amount: The original value of the setting (when monetary)

  • New amount: The new value of the setting (when monetary)

  • Variance: The Reference Amount minus the New Amount (when monetary)

  • By: The initials of the employee who made the change

If settings from one site were cloned to other sites, there will be an additional row with a memo noting that changes were cloned.

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