How do I check AVS status for credit cards saved on file?

AVS Mismatches will appear in the Reminders list in SiteLink if you have credit cards on file that are unmatched by the Address Verification Service (AVS). This reminder is intended to help you identify credit cards that need updated AVS information. Entering AVS information when saving a card on file is required because it helps reduce fraud and decreases credit card decline rates.


Click AVS Mismatches to view the Credit Card Roll Report sorted by AVS status. The Credit Card Roll Report shows tenants who have a credit card on file including AVS check results, credit card expiration dates, and Auto Bill processing days. You can also access this report by clicking Reports > Credit Card Roll

AVS status

With the Credit Card Roll Report sorted by AVS status, go to the end of the report to find the No Match credit cards. 

Match - AVS information has been validated and no action needs to be taken.

No Match - AVS information has been checked but does not match the information from the customer’s bank. The tenant’s address should be verified and re-entered.

Update AVS information for credit cards on file

Follow the instructions below to update AVS information for cards that are listed as No Match on the Credit Card Roll report. 

  1. Print or download the Credit Card Roll report for reference.
  2. Click Tenants from the Operations screen.

  1. For each tenant in the No Match section of the Credit Card Roll report, select the tenant, and click Credit Card.

  1. Click Auto-Fill with Tenant Address or enter the tenant’s address manually in the AVS section.

  1. Click Verify AVS.
  2. You will see a message at the bottom of the AVS section of the screen indicating whether the AVS information matches or does not match the information provided by the tenant’s bank. 


  1. If the information matches, no further action is needed. If the information does not match, verify the tenant’s address and re-enter it in the AVS section. If you run the Credit Card Roll Report again, the status of the credit card will be updated.
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