Setting up Savvy Insurance in SiteLink

If you offer the Savvy Insurance Program to your tenants, this article will explain how to set it up in SiteLink and what to expect during the tenant move-in process once Savvy is enabled. 

Setting up Savvy Insurance in SiteLink

1. From the SiteLink Corporate Control Center, click Insurance and Protection Plans.

2. Select a facility from the list and click Next.

3. Click Setup for Savvy Storage Insurance.

4. Under Setup

  • Enter your Policy number and Property number as provided by Savvy. 
  • Introductory Credit Period: Set the expiration date for the $15 credit available to existing tenants.
  • Moratorium period expiration date: If Savvy placed a moratorium on your facility, check this setting. The moratorium expiration date will be displayed.

Coverage: The $15/$5000 coverage used by the Savvy program should be set by default (this is the only coverage available). If not, click the Add button and add $5000 of coverage for a $15 premium. 

Brochure and Certificate Links: Select the forms Savvy provided from the dropdown fields for Application and Moratorium Application. Please note: Forms must be set up in SiteLink prior to being available on this screen.

5. Click OK to save.

Moving a tenant in with Savvy insurance

Once Savvy is set up in SiteLink, it will automatically be applied when a tenant moves in through SiteLink Web Edition, SiteLink myHub, or SiteLink Web Template. 

Insurance can’t be removed during move-in and will be applied automatically. The tenant can opt out after move-in if they would like to. Tenants will be opted into $5000 coverage for $15/month. The first 30 day insurance premium will be free via an automatic $15 credit. 

Please note: If the tenant is on 1st of month billing and they are moving in on any day after the 1st of the month, SiteLink will create rent charges for 2 months to allow for the $15 credit to be applied. However, the tenant does not have to pay for 2 months at move-in. You can uncheck Pay Now next to the Rent: Additional Periods line item to allow the tenant to only pay the first periods’ charges.

SiteLink Web Edition

SiteLink myHubSavvy myhub 1.png

On the Finish Move In screen, the Savvy Application will be required and you will have to take a payment from the tenant in order to click Finish and complete the move-in.

Web Template move-in flow

If you use SiteLink Web Template, the insurance charge and credit will be applied automatically and cannot be removed during the online move-in process.


The tenant will see the Monthly Insurance premium of $15 and a message indicating that the first month’s insurance premium is waived.

The tenant will need to check the boxes at the bottom of the payment screen to acknowledge the terms of the Insurance Addendum.

Canceling a tenant’s Savvy policy

If a tenant wants to cancel their insurance policy, you can begin the cancellation process in SiteLink Web Edition by clicking Payment, selecting the tenant, and then clicking Insurance. Click Cancel Policy. You will see links to the Savvy cancellation forms that must be completed.

Savvy will cancel the tenant’s policy via the SiteLink integration once they receive the completed forms. 

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