SiteLink: What's New 2021

December 14, 2021

Online payments through Web Template 

We resolved an issue in the SiteLink Web Template that caused a radio box to overlap the CVV code field. This was making it difficult for tenants to pay online.

myHub search tool

We resolved an issue that caused search results not to display when using the myHub Search Tool.

Gate access through SiteLink myHub

We resolved an issue preventing gate access from being granted in SiteLink MyHub.

Tax rates when applying a discount

We resolved an issue with tax rates when applying a non-expiring discount at move-in. 

November 16, 2021

Lead to Lease column headers

We resolved a UI issue in Lead to Lease that caused column headers to be obscured when moving a customer in.

Charges added via Edit Charges and Payments

We resolved an issue that caused an error when adding a charge to a moved out account via Edit Charges and Payments.

November 2, 2021

Set Web Rates via API

The storage industry is currently in the middle of a supply crunch - meaning that available supply can't keep up with tenant demand. As a result, many operators are looking for ways to continue growing their bottom line when their facilities are at record-high occupancies. Revenue Management is one of the most effective tools in your toolkit to do exactly that.

To expand the range of revenue management opportunities possible through SiteLink, we’ve enabled the ability to update Web Rates via the SiteLink API. If you work with a 3rd party Revenue Management company, this allows them to set competitive and up-to-the-minute pricing on your website. Reach out to your Revenue Management provider if you’re interested in using Web Rates as part of your price optimization strategy.

October 19, 2021

Batch processing improvements

We’ve made changes to our batch process automation so overnight tasks process more efficiently and timely. These improvements should result in automated tasks completing earlier in the day.

Discount setting changes

We've added discount setting changes made in SiteLink Web Edition and SiteLink Corporate Control Center to the Exceptions report. 

Deleted unit types

We resolved an issue that caused deleted unit types to show in the Add Units dropdown in SiteLink Corporate Control Center.

Adding shapes to the map

We resolved an issue that caused an error message when adding some shapes to the map.

Move Out/Transfer report export

We resolved an issue that caused incorrect dates to display when exporting the Move Out/Transfer report.

Move-In rate

We resolved an issue that caused an incorrect move-in rate in some situations if there were multiple discounts applied.

Rented units on the SiteLink myHub map

We updated the map in SiteLink MyHub so units that are both rented and reserved display as rented. 

Kiosk settings

We resolved an issue causing an error message when attempting to make changes to a kiosk setting in SiteLink Corporate Control Center.

Expired discounts

We resolved an issue that allowed expired discounts to be applied to current move-ins.

October 5, 2021

Exceptions report

We resolved an issue that caused units marked as Exclude from Website to show as Available Online on the Exceptions report. 


We resolved an issue that prevented some users from applying a refund in some workflows.

Unit Setup user permissions

We resolved an issue that allowed users access to Unit Setup who didn’t have permission.

September 21, 2021

Discount Report

We resolved an issue with the Discount Report that caused discount data not to display for moved-out tenants.

Add or Edit Discounts

We resolved an issue that made the Currently Used function in the Add or Edit Discounts screen unresponsive.

August 24, 2021

Lead-to-Lease required fields

We resolved an issue with some required fields in Lead-to-Lease to make it clear that they're required.

August 10, 2021

Missing Keywords in NSF emails

We resolved an issue that was causing several keywords to be missing from NSF emails.

Incorrect tax when moving in from the map

We resolved an issue that was causing additional tax to be applied to the unit price when moving a tenant in from the map for some customers. 

Quoted unit rate doesn’t carry over

We resolved an issue that was preventing the quoted rate of a unit from carrying over when changing a reservation to another unit of the exact same size, type, and attributes as the reserved unit.

July 27, 2021

Rent Roll Report

We resolved an issue that was causing the Rent Roll Report to incorrectly show 0 Days Vacant for all units.

myHub reports on Apple devices

We resolved an issue that was causing customers to be unable to scroll past the first page of any reports in MyHub when using an Apple device. 

Email referencing gate code generated when Withhold Gate Codes for Online Move-Ins is selected

We resolved an issue that was causing tenants to receive an email indicating that they could log in online with their gate code, even though Withhold Gate Codes for Online Move-Ins was enabled.

July 13, 2021

Corporate discounts permission error

We resolved an issue that was causing some users who have permission to edit corporate discounts to receive a permission error when trying to edit corporate discounts.

Unit setup permission 

We resolved an issue that was causing users without Unit Setup permission to be able to mark units as unrentable.

Discount plans based on unit occupancy 

We resolved an issue that was causing discount plans to be available that should not have been, based on the unit occupancy threshold defined for the discount.

June 22, 2021

Infrastructure improvements

We’ve made infrastructure improvements that will help updates run more smoothly when they’re released.

Slow load times

We fixed an issue that was causing slow load times for SiteLink Web Edition for some customers. 

May 18, 2021

Payment History in myHub

We resolved an issue that was causing the Payments History report in myHub to display blank.

Tenant email receipts after overnight batch

We resolved an issue that was causing tenants' receipt emails to fail after the overnight batch.

General security improvements

We made security improvements to SiteLink myHub.

May 4, 2021

Enhanced reporting about setting changes

We have made enhancements to the Exceptions Report that enable you to track configuration changes in your software. The new columns provide you with details about when a setting was changed, who made the change, what the new setting is, and what the previous setting was. 

April 6, 2021

Prorated insurance pricing

We fixed an issue that was causing prorated prices for Insurance policies started through the SiteLink API to be incorrectly applied to future months.

Changes not saving in the myHub Walk Thru

We fixed an issue that was preventing changes made in the SiteLink myHub Walk Thru from being saved.

Tenant Move-in in SiteLink myHub

We fixed an issue that was preventing required tenant information from populating during a new move-in and also showing an error saying "must input required information" after manually inputting the information.

AVS information for tenants on Autobill

We fixed an issue that was preventing AVS from being checked for some customers on Autobill and therefore preventing AVS information to be included when payments are submitted.

ACH Autobilling setup

We fixed an issue that was preventing customers from setting up ACH Autobilling for tenants through the API if the tenant did not already have billing info on file.

Multi-unit payments

We fixed an issue that was preventing tenants from paying for multiple units simultaneously through the API with a masked credit card.

March 23, 2021 

More customizable user permissions

We are making user permissions more customizable so that you can better align user roles with your business needs. You can now choose whether each Security Level has permission to Add, Edit, or Delete Employees, Discount Plans, Forms, and CRM Campaign Schedules. For example, you may want the Site Manager Security Level to be able to add and edit employees but not delete them. 

If you would like to customize the new settings, navigate to Security Levels from either SiteLink Web Edition or Corporate Control Center. 

Select the General Setup tab and the Security Level you would like to make adjustments to from the drop-down menu. Check the boxes for permissions that you would like included in that Security Level or uncheck those that you would like to remove. 

Please note: To maintain current behavior and program access, existing employees will retain their previous level of access to the Employees, Discount Plans, Form Setup, and CRM Schedule screens (full or none) until adjustments are made to the Security Levels to refine those permissions.

User level permissions

We fixed an issue that was causing User level employees to be able to make changes to higher security level roles (Administrator, Site Manager, etc).

Recurring charges set to 0 incorrectly added to invoices

We fixed an issue that was causing recurring charges that were set to 0 in Ledger Settings to be included on invoices. 

MyHub UI fixes on mobile devices

We fixed several issues with the way the map was being displayed in myHub on mobile devices as well as the way some icons were being shown on mobile.

Potential security risk

During our scheduled 3/23 update, we identified a potential security risk that was introduced as part of the update. The issue could have caused customer data to be exposed within the software unintentionally. Rest assured that this data would not have been visible to anyone other than authorized users of your software. As a result, we deployed a second update to resolve the issue.

February 9, 2021

myHub improvements

We made a number of improvements to SiteLink myHub including new shortcuts, text updates, and the ability to toggle the Autobill modal by Payment type.

Autopay Failures Report

We fixed an issue that was preventing some Storable Payments customers from receiving the autopay failures report after Auto Batch billing was run.

myHub map colors

We updated the myHub map colors to match the map colors in SiteLink Web Edition.

January 26, 2021

myHub Credit Card Masking

We fixed an issue that was preventing consistent credit card masking in myHub. SiteLink is not aware of any unauthorized access or use of data in connection with the item addressed in this update.

Batch processing false failures

We fixed an issue that was causing batch summary emails to indicate that some transactions had failed when in fact they had been processed successfully. 

Online Move-ins using Firefox

We fixed an issue that could cause eSign lease creations to fail during online move-ins using Firefox.

January 12, 2021

Credited Insurance charges

We fixed an issue that was causing credited insurance charges not to show as paid in the General Journal Report.

Lease formatting issues

We fixed an issue that was occurring during the conversion of specific RTF forms to PDF e-leases and was causing formatting issues in the e-leases.

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