Storable Payments: What's New 2020

December 15, 2020

Filter your transactions list by payment method

If you accept both credit card and ACH payments, you can now filter your Transactions list by payment type from the Payment Method dropdown list. 

Additional Fees details available

We added additional details to the Fees page in SiteLink myHub to give you more visibility into the fees you are charged. 

Export your bank activity

You can now export your Deposits list from the CC Deposits and Fees page in SiteLink myHub. 

Credit Card on file 

The Storable Payments team identified an issue that was occasionally causing tenants’ payments to be charged to a credit card on file despite having submitted different information for payment. We released the fix for this bug on 12/4. 

August 5, 2020

Authorization code on Credit Card Receipts

You will now see authorization codes at the bottom of your credit card receipts. This change will only apply to any new credit card receipts after the live update has been run.

July 7, 2020 

Transaction Report Updated

We've updated the Transaction Report. Now, it will display "Cardholder name not provided" if this field is left blank

June 23, 2020 

Refund a Credit Card payment after the Daily Close

You can now refund a credit card payment on the same day that the payment was made, even after a SiteLink Daily Close has been performed. Users must have both Refund and Ledger Adjustments permissions turned on in order to do this. The SiteLink Daily Close functionality will continue to lock the day’s payments activities for all other users. 

Monthly Statements Support

We've begun billing transaction fees on a monthly basis rather than daily. The Deposit menu has been renamed “CC Deposits and Fees.” You’ll find your Monthly Statement on the “Fees” tab.

myHub Corporate Control Center Payments Reports

We’ve added signature reports in myHub Corporate Control Center. These include daily transactions and credit card deposits, including which transactions make up each deposit. 

CVV Errors

We have repaired an issue where Credit Card Transactions received an error when the CVV code began with 0.

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