SiteLink: What's New 2020

December 15, 2020

New to SiteLink Web Edition

We've made improvements to ensure your automated, overnight auto-billing and invoice jobs are created earlier and more reliably.

New to SiteLink myHub

We've made improvements to the Move Out page in myHub to improve usability and functionality.


Merchandise Summary Report

We’ve fixed a bug impacting the Merchandise Summary report that caused counts to be inaccurate.

Corporate Dashboard

We fixed a bug in the SiteLink myHub Corporate Dashboard that caused the scroll bar to be missing when scrolling through multiple locations.

WebTemplate Setup Screen

We fixed a bug where the Web Template setup screen was not rendering correctly so users could not view the preview page or access the save button.

September 22, 2020

Infrastructure improvements

We’ve made infrastructure improvements to the SiteLink platform in order to deliver you updates more regularly and with less disruption. These changes will improve your experience when we release quarterly, automatic updates like this one to ensure you are on the most recent version of SiteLink and have current functionality and repairs. We also release optional updates regularly and are now enabled to release more functionality in those. 

August 4, 2020

New to SiteLink myHub

View transactions by payment method in myHub Daily Close

We’ve updated the Daily Close Feature in myHub to include a list of relevant transactions grouped by payment method. This will help you reconcile your transactions even easier and identify missing or incorrect transactions when there is a discrepancy. 

We made updates and improvements to several myHub screens:

  • We've improved the Batch Invoice screen to make data easier to read. Additionally, we've made it easier to filter and apply actions on this screen.
  • Added ability to add a new tenant on the Tenant List screen.
  • Added ability to email a tenant on the Tenant List screen.
  • Fixed tabs and table styling for smaller screens


ACH Bank Information in Ledger Settings

  • We repaired an issue in myHub where certain workflows would cause the "Type" drop down to not populate bank account types when setting up an ACH Bank Debit account for automatic billing in Ledger Settings.

July 21, 2020

New to SiteLink Web Edition

We added new providers to our Auction marketplace and made updates to some Insurance Provider addresses to ensure your tenant’s insurance claims get to the right place:

  • Added two new providers, Bid13 and, to Auction marketplace.
  • Updated Bader Company’s address.
  • Update Tenant Property Protection’s address.

New to SiteLink myHub

We made updates and improvements to several myHub screens:

  • Added messaging on the “Ledger Adjustment” screen when there are no receipts to display.
  • Updated our page title and primary button styles to match globally.
  • Updated the reminder link for Expired Credit Cards to go straight to that tab to make it faster for you to resolve.
  • General improvements for more responsive layouts & styles.


  • We’ve repaired an issue that was causing the “Tenant.balancecurrent” keyword to display amounts differently based on the time zone.
  • We’ve repaired an issue that prevented SiteLink Merchant Services users in the United States from committing ACH transactions in myHub.

July 7, 2020

New to SiteLink Web Edition

Reservation Conversion

We’ve updated the “Select Tenant” screen so that when you are converting a reservation, you will only see the tenant record related to that reservation. This will reduce load time and improve SiteLink performance.


MyHub Reminders

We’ve repaired an issue that was causing notes saved as reminders from MyHub to be missing tenant name and unit number.

Late Fees in myHub

We’ve repaired an issue that prevented users from using the waive late fee button in myHub.

Automatic overnight Credit Cards payments

We repaired an issue that caused some SiteLink International users overnight credit card processing to occur a day late.

June 23, 2020

New to SiteLink Web Edition

Online move-ins

If you are using Online Move-Ins through SiteLink Web Edition, you can now insert a link into your customer communications (such as booking confirmations, quotes, and reservation email templates) to send customers directly to your Online Move-In page. 

Stability and Security Improvements

We’ve improved the stability, reliability, and security of SiteLink Web Edition and SiteLink myHub.

Lead-to-Lease Speed Improvements

We’ve improved the refresh time after updating a reservation on the Lead-to-Lease screen.

Accounting Set-up Screen

We’ve updated the names of products we integrate with on the accounting setup screen.

New Marketplace Providers

We’ve added integrations for Tripemco and NFP as insurance providers.

New to SiteLink myHub

Daily Close in myHub

We’ve added the ability to perform a daily close in myHub. 

User Interface Improvements

We’ve improved the UI of myHub to make it easier and clearer for you.


Online Payments using web template

We’ve repaired an issue that was causing tenants to receive an error message that referenced "too many redirects" when attempting to pay online using Chrome or Firefox as their internet browser.

eSign signatures

We’ve repaired an issue that was sometimes causing an incorrect signature to display on eSign documents.

Tax-exempt unit transfers

We’ve repaired an issue that was causing tax to be charged during unit transfers for tax-exempt tenants.

Partial Refunds

We’ve repaired an issue that was causing myHub to return the full amount when a partial refund is processed.

Insurance Policies during move-in

We’ve repaired an issue that was preventing some insurance policies from being listed during move-in.

Committing ACH batches in myHub

We’ve repaired an issue that was sometimes causing myHub to prevent ACH batches from being committed.

March 24, 2020

New to SiteLink Web Edition

Gate Lockout

We've added the ability to set a prerequisite for gate lockout past due events. This gives you better control over when an event is triggered and for which tenants. 

Web Rates

We've completed work to ensure that we send a preferred rate based on program settings (standard, push, or web rate) to integrators through our API for display on websites and third party marketing platforms.



  • We've repaired an issue that was causing receipts for online move-ins to be sent as a generic file type instead of PDF.
  • We've repaired an issue that was causing online move-ins through Web Template from matching to the appropriate unit attributes when door type or entry location attributes were present. This affected move-ins from Storable (storEDGE) websites.
  • We've repaired the issue that was causing tenants who moved in online through Web Template to be provided gate access codes that were too short.
  • We've repaired an issue that was was preventing SiteLink users from being able to create a new reservation from the map in SiteLink Wed Edition.


  • We've repaired an issue that was preventing ACH information from being saved when enrolling a tenant into auto billing.
  • We've repaired an issue that was preventing masked credit card numbers sent through the API from being matched to cards on file. This prevented card data like the expiration date from being updated.
  • We've repaired an issue that was preventing discounts from being reset when first of the moth billing was changed to anniversary billing when a tenant moved into a reserved unit. This caused subsequent charges after the move-in to be billed at the full amount instead of the discounted amount.
  • We’ve repaired an issue that was preventing charge batch invoices from printing when charge batches were created from the move-in or payment screens.


  • We've repaired an issue that was causing search to fail in myHub when searches were made for tenants that did not have phone numbers on file.
  • We've repaired an issue that was preventing myHub from processing voids when multiple voidable receipts existed for the same account.

Other updates

  • We've updated to the latest version of our Remote Support tool.


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