How do I set up or make changes to charges?

Follow the steps below to set up or make changes to your charges such as fees or utilities and edit the tax rates for rent and other charges. 

1. Log into SiteLink Web Edition and click Setup. setup.png
2. Click Charges.


3. Select the charge you want to make changes to and click Edit.


4. On the next screen, you can edit the description for the charge, the dollar amount of the charge if applicable (such as for a fee), add the tax rate that should be applied to the charge, and associate the charge with an accounting code. 

Check the box labeled Currently Used to enable the charge or uncheck the box to disable it. 

For some charge types, you can also choose to apply the charge automatically at move-in or prorate the charge at move-in.

5. Click OK when you are done making changes.


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