How do I add an employee?

Follow the instructions below to give an employee to have access to SiteLink:

1. In SiteLink Web Edition, click Setup.
2. Click Employees.


3. Click Add on the right had side.  

Fill out the required information highlighted in green. 

  • Security Level designates the level of access a user has. These security levels can be defined through Setup > Security Levels.

  • Log-On Allowed Days allows you to select what days a user is able to log into the database. To enable logon for a particular day, simply ensure the box is checked.

  • Log on Allowed Times allows you to allocate the time in which a user/employee is able to login to the database.

  • Time Out Minutes allows us to select how long a user is able to remain inactive before requiring their password to be entered again.

4. Click OK to save your changes.  



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