How do I void or refund a Payment when using Storable Payments?

Follow these instructions to reverse a payment (sometimes referred to as canceling the payment). Reversals made the same day as the payment will typically be handled as a void. Reversals made after the day the payment is made will result in a refund.


SiteLink Web Edition

You can reverse payments from SiteLink Web Edition for the location you are logged into. If you have access to the Corporate Control Center and would like to reverse payments made at multiple locations at the same time, skip ahead to the myHub Corporate Control Center section. 

1. Log into SiteLink Web Edition and navigate to Adjustments and then Ledger Adjustments.
2. Click on the tenant that corresponds to the incorrect payment and click Next.
3. Select the payment that you would like to refund.

4. Click Refund/Void.  
5. When asked if you’d like to delete the payment, click YES to proceed.


myHub Corporate Control Center

If you have access to the Corporate Control Center, you can process refunds from a centralized area in myHub. 

To refund a payment in myHub:

1. Log into myHub Corporate Control Center  
2. Click Payments and then Transactions from the menu on the left.
3. Click the caret (^) next to the payment you need to reverse and click the Refund button. 

4. Enter the amount of the refund in the Refund Amount field and click Issue Refund to complete the transaction. The amount of the refund cannot exceed the amount shown as Amount Available To Refund.


Please note: The refund will not be reflected in SiteLink reports when it is processed through the Transactions page. Please reconcile accordingly. 

5. There will be a new line item on the transactions page for the refund. You can access the receipt by clicking Refund Receipt


Payment Reversals after the Daily Close

Payment reversals can be processed after the Daily Close by users with both of the following permissions: 

  • Refunds

  • Ledger Adjustments

For users without those permissions, the transaction will be locked after a Daily Close has been completed.



How long will it take for a Refund to be posted to the cardholder’s bank account?

3-5 business days.

Can I send the cardholder more money than the original payment?

No - To align with security best practices, you cannot issue the cardholder more money than the original payment was for.

Why don’t I see an option to refund to a Credit Card?

In order to refund money to a Credit Card, the Credit Card must be have been used as the original method of payment. 

How do I find the status of a reversed payment?
You can find details in our article: How do I find the status of a reversed payment?
Can I set user permissions to allow voiding payments but not refunding?
Yes. In SiteLink Corporate Control Center, navigate to Security Levels and then Other. Select the Security Level from the drop down menu that you would like to make changes to and the check the box labeled Allow voiding transactions only (for payments made same-day before bank settlement) to grant that Security Level permission to void but not refund payments.
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