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Storable Payments Overview and FAQ

Congratulations on enrolling in Storable Payments as your payment provider! Storable Payments allows you to process your payments from SiteLink Web Edition and SiteLink myHub. You’ll now have the ability to access your payments information from within SiteLink myHub Corporate Control Center without the need to access a separate payment terminal. This guide is intended to help you get started with Storable Payments and answer frequently asked questions.
⚠️  If you have signed up but need to set Storable Payments as your payments processor, please read our guide about how to activate Storable Payments in SiteLink or watch this video. 

How is Storable Payments different from other payment providers?

With Storable Payments, SiteLink and payment processing work together. This eliminates the need for a separate Virtual Terminal or Gateway system. You will no longer need to complete certain actions associated with high security risk, such as sending money to a manually typed-in credit card number.


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What are my next steps?

1. Refresh SiteLink data after you activate

Refresh the data on all computers that were running SiteLink Web Edition while you activated Storable Payments.

2. Cancel your previous payment processor

If you are upgrading from SiteLink Merchant Services, your account will be canceled automatically.

3. Update your bank with Storable Payments ACH IDs

If your bank account is debit locked, please provide the bank with the following ACH Company IDs so that transactions can be correctly processed:

  • 1310281170
  • 1043575881

4. Tell us who to notify about new Chargebacks

Log into SiteLink MyHub and navigate to Payments and then Chargebacks. It is important that you check the Chargeback Contact Email we have on file for each of your locations. Please update the addresses if needed so we notify the correct contact at your company in the event of a chargeback. Instructions can be found in our article: Storable Payments chargeback process.

5. Verify that the legal business name we have on file for your business is correct

Log into SiteLink MyHub and navigate to Payments and then Bank Information. You will see the legal business name and the name of your bank we have on file under the Bank Name column. If this information is not listed correctly, please reach out to our Sales Team at paymentsupgrades@sitelink.com or (833)345-0225.

6. WhiteList Storable Payments

To avoid processing errors, we recommend whitelisting *.storable.io with your router and the computer/s you use to process payments. The Firewall on your router or the computer itself may block access to the Storable Payments server, which would prevent payments from being processed.


You can find additional information and instructions about taking payments, processing refunds, and our chargeback process in our resources listed below: 

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Most Storable Payments accounts are set up on Midnight local Deposit Cut-Off time. However, some accounts are set up with 9:00 pm EST Deposit Cut-Off Time. The transactions included in your bank deposits and funding time for deposits will be different depending on how your account is set up. You can read more about both setups and how to reconcile your bank account with Storable Payments in our resources below: 

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Where can I view my fees?

Your Monthly Statement in SiteLink myHub will display your transaction processing fees and monthly recurring fees.  You can find more information in our resources below:

πŸ“–  Where can I find my Storable Payments data?

πŸ“–  Storable Payments Fees

How are fees processed?

Your Monthly Statement balance is automatically paid on the 5th calendar day of the month. The payment is made against the bank account to which you are receiving daily Deposits, and will take about 3-5 business days to process. This means that you should expect to see the payment deducted from your bank account around the 8th-10th of the month.

What should I do if I have a question about my fees?

If you are confused by a fee charged to your account, we first recommend referring to the fee schedule you were provided with at onboarding. If you would like to discuss your fees, contact Storable Support at merchantsupport@sitelink.com or 512-886-1840.

Account Management

How do I transfer my Payments account if I sell my facility?

If you plan to sell your facility and transfer your Payments account to a new owner, please contact Storable Support at merchantsupport@sitelink.com or 512-886-1840.

How do I change the bank account I’m using?

Our Support team can help you update the bank account you’re using with Storable Payments. Please reach out to merchantsupport@sitelink.com or 512-886-1840.

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