Report Scheduler: Best practices and troubleshooting

Do you need to create or make changes to Reporting Jobs? You can find instructions in our article: How do I set up Reporting Jobs?

Report Scheduler best practices

Reports that are set to run at a given time will be queued for processing. We recommend the following best practices when setting up Reporting Jobs in order to avoid a large number of reports being set to run at the same time, and help reports process efficiently.

Make sure only necessary reports are scheduled 

Eliminating unused reports will help limit the total amount of data that needs to be processed at a given time and help reports process quickly. If you need to audit your existing Reporting Jobs, you can find them in the SiteLink Corporate Control Center by navigating to Report Scheduler from the Site Setup tab. 

Check for duplicate reports 

Including the same report in multiple Reporting Jobs will cause the report to be queued multiple times for processing. If you already have Reporting Jobs set up, we recommend auditing existing Reporting Jobs and removing duplicates to streamline report processing.

Split reporting into smaller jobs

If you have a large number of locations that you run reports for, we recommend splitting up the requests into smaller jobs set to run at different times. For example: Rather than creating a single Reporting Job that runs a report for 100 locations at the same time, you can break it up into multiple jobs with fewer locations in each. You could split them up by timezone, region, state, etc depending on what makes the most sense for you. This helps reduce the number of reports you have queued to run at a given time. 

Avoid peak report processing times if possible

Our busiest report processing times tend to be during the first and last days of the month, the first day of the year, and daily at midnight. If you run reports that are not time sensitive, scheduling them to run at less busy times can help avoid delays. 

What should I do if a scheduled Reporting Job doesn’t run?

If a Reporting Job fails to run, you can try manually running the report/s from the Reports screen in either SiteLink Web Edition or SiteLink Corporate Control Center. You can find instructions in our article: How do I run Reports?

You can also manually run the Reporting Job:

1. Click Report Scheduler in SiteLink Corporate Control Center. report_scheduler.png

2. The Next Run column on this page will show a time in the past for Reporting Jobs that have failed and will reset to the next run time in the future after the job is complete. Select the Reporting Job that failed and click Edit


3. Select Manual under Run Job Every and click OK.


4. Select the Reporting Job from the list on the previous page and click Run Now.

5. After you have manually run the job, edit the Reporting Job again and set it back to run automatically if you wish.


If a daily Reporting Job fails to run for 2 or more days in a row or a monthly job doesn’t run, please reach out to our Support Team for assistance at (919) 865-0789 x2 or

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