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SiteLink reports overview

You can find instructions to run reports in our article: How do I run reports? You can also find a full walkthrough of reports in our course: SiteLink - Reporting And Accounting Training.


Types of reports

Standard reports

There are a number of standard reports available to all SiteLink customers which provide information about financials, operations, management and more. These reports provide data that is useful and applicable to the majority of our customers. 

Custom reports

Some SiteLink customers have more specific reporting needs than what is available in our standard reports and have paid for custom reports to be created for them. If you have custom reports created for your Corp, they may be available in SiteLink Web Edition, Corporate Control Center, or the Report Scheduler depending on how they were set up.


Available standard reports

The following is a brief summary of the information in each of our standard reports. Some reports contain additional data when you export them as Excel files and may include additional filtering or sorting options depending on the report. Most reports below are available for individual sites in SiteLink Web Edition or can be run for multiple locations at a time in SiteLink Corporate Control Center. The Consolidated reports are available in SiteLink Corporate Control Center only. 

Our most used reports

Management Summary - This is the most used report in SiteLink and shows a monthly overview of your financials, tenant activity, leads, occupancy, unpaid charges, delinquency and much more. You can find a full walkthrough of this report in our training module: Management Summary Report.


Management History - This report shows similar information to the Management Summary report with trends over a 13 month time period.


General Journal Entries - This report can be exported to accounting programs for either cash or accrual basis accounting. It shows Income, credits, refunds, NSF, and more. You can find instructions to set this up for export in our training module: Setting Up Chart of Accounts for Export.


Move-Ins & Move-Outs - This report shows all move-ins, move-outs, and transfers during the reporting period. If you export the report as an Excel file, you can also see the initials of the employee who processed the move-in or move-out. 


Tenant Reports

Directory - This report provides a list of current tenants along with the unit they are renting, contact information, and tax exempt number if applicable. It can be useful if you would like to export a list of tenant email addresses for marketing purposes.

Rent Roll - This report shows the paid through date, balance, lease date, and billing date for each tenant. It also includes unit rates, the variance between the standard unit rate and the rate the customer is being charged, and scheduled rate increases if any.

Vacated Roll - This report shows tenants who have moved out during the reporting period. 

Walk Thru - This report will provide a list of your units in walkthrough order if you have set one up in SiteLink. You can print this report or access it in SiteLink MyHub from a tablet or smartphone when you walk through your facility. It shows whether each unit is rented or vacant, the paid through date and balance, if there is an overlock, and if the unit is scheduled for move out.

Internet Access - This report shows tenants who have accounts set up to make payments online through the SiteLink Web Template. 

Credit Card Roll - This report shows tenants who have a credit card on file. It includes AVS check results, credit card expiration dates, and Auto Bill processing days for each tenant. 

ACH Billing Roll - This report shows tenants who are set up for ACH Auto Billing, their ACH information, and billing day.

Past Due Balances - This report shows tenants who are past due including the number of days late and their last payment date.

Unpaid Charges - This report can be filtered for previous or current tenants and shows every person who owes money grouped by the number of days they are past due.

Balances Due - This report shows past due tenants, similar to the Unpaid Charges report but groups past due amounts by charge category instead of the number of days the tenant is past due. 

Calls and Notes - This report shows all tenant notes.

Gate Access - This report shows tenant gate access information including whether they are locked out, set to never be locked out, the time zones and keypad zones they have access to, and their gate codes.

Payment History - This report can be run for individual tenants in order to view all of their previous payments.

Ledger History - This report can be run for individual tenants in order to view a full history of all charges, credits, and payments on their account.

Notes History - This report can be run for individual tenants in order to view a history of all notes made on their account.  

Rent Change History - This report shows all rent changes made during the reporting period, who made the change, and how many days the tenant has been at the same rate.


Unit Reports

Rental Activity - This report shows how many units are rented or vacant, the unit standard rate, move-ins, move-outs, and transfers during the reporting period broken out by unit type and size.

Price List - This report shows the standard rate, push rate, and web rate for each unit type and size. If a column is blank, that means the rate type has not been set for that unit.

Move-Outs & Transfers - This report is similar to the Move-Ins & Move-Outs report but does not show move-ins.

Scheduled Move-Outs - This report shows units that are scheduled for move-out, including past due events if there are any.

Vacant Units - This report is similar to the Price List report but includes vacant units only. You will see a customer name and date if the unit is reserved. 

Occupied Units - This report provides a list of all occupied units including tenant information, standard rate, tenant rate, days at the current rental price, and scheduled rent increases if there are any.

Complimentary Units - This report shows all units with a tenant rental price of $0.

Unit History -This report shows a rental history of units including move-ins and move-outs. It can also be run for a single unit.

Unit Status - This report provides a list of units that you can filter by status: Ex: Unrentable, Overlocked, etc.

Unit Notes - This report shows unit notes and can be filtered by unit status.

Custom Units Report - This report provides a number of filtering options to customize a view of your units. Please note: This is not where you would find custom reports that have been created for your company. If your company has paid for custom reports, they can be found by clicking the Custom Reports button.

Financial Reports

Financial Summary - This report provides a breakdown of every type of charge, payment receipts, credits, and discounts issued against charges from the reporting period. It also includes a summary of merchandise sales, sales tax, prepaid rent, bad debts, and refunds due. 

Income Analysis - This report starts from your Gross Potential Income, or the total amount you would make if you were paid for every unit at your facility at the standard rate. Money you are not collecting for unrentable units, vacant units, unpaid rent, etc. is then subtracted. The report includes views for both cash and accrual basis accounting.

Accounts Receivable - This report shows each charge per person including prepayments with beginning and ending balances for the reporting period. It also includes a summary by unit type. You can find more information in our course: SiteLink - Reporting And Accounting Training.

Aged Receivables - Shows net change (both charges and payments) bucketed by 30 day increments.If you’re looking for a view of just customers who owe money, we recommend using the Unpaid Charges report. 

Receipts - This report shows receipts for how much has been paid and the payment types broken out by unit type and then individual tenant.

Receipt Details - This report is similar to Receipts but breaks down what each payment is for (rent, fees, etc).

Deposits - This report shows a summary of each day’s deposit assuming you have closed the day in SiteLink.

Daily Payments - This report shows each day’s deposit broken out by payment type. It can be compared against your bank statements for reconciliation. 

Credit Card Payments - This report shows all payments made by credit card, including card information, tenant name, and transaction status. 

Payment Activity - not focused on payments types, breaks down by unit type and then tenant, how much of rent is paid for rent, fees, recurring charges etc. Exclamation points indicate Offline Payments. 

Credits Issued - This report breaks down every credit given to tenants.

Prepaid Rent - This report shows how much rent is prepaid and can be helpful in determining why you may have collected less rent than expected in a given month. 

Prepaid Rent Liabilities - This report shows prepaid rent broken down by tenant with a starting balance and ending balance for the reporting period.

Prepaid Insurance - This report shows prepaid prepaid insurance premiums. 

Security Deposit Liabilities - This report shows total security deposits that have been collected including a beginning and ending balance for the reporting period.

Recurring Charges - This report shows recurring charges such as electricity, water, other recurring fees you charge your tenants. 

All Unpaid Charges - This report breaks down what is owed per tenant.

Refunds Due - This report shows tenants with refunds due during the reporting period. 

Refunds Paid - This report shows refunds that have been paid.

Refund Summary - This report shows all refunds paid, due, and dismissed broken out by tenant with a beginning and ending balance for the reporting period.

NSF Reversals - This report shows all checks and ACH payments that have been returned for non sufficient funds and whether the payment has been made. 

Bad Debts - This report shows tenants who have moved out and still owe money.

Bad Debt Written Off - This report shows bad debts that you have written off from the moved out accounts screen.

Marketing Reports

Marketing Summary - This report shows what month customers moved in, how they heard about your facility, leases by marketing category, and exit survey results. Please note: The report does not just include customers who moved in during the reporting period, it includes all customers who are or were previously tenants during that time.

Marketing History - This report shows trends over a 13 month time frame for duration of stay by marketing source. 

Advertisement Tracking - This report shows the marketing category that was selected when customers moved in (Internet, referral, etc).

Postal Code Statistics - This report shows tenant zip codes grouped by marketing source.

MapPoint Tenants - This report is used to map tenant addresses for customers who use MapPoint, a Microsoft software. It is not commonly used today.

Map tenants - This report uses Google maps to plot tenant addresses in relationship to your facility.

Marketing Roll - This report shows customers with days in a unit, total rent paid, and marketing source to help you determine the long term value of each customer.

Competitor Comparison - If you’ve entered competitors and their unit rates in SiteLink, this report will show your rates in comparison to your competitors. Please note: SiteLink does not populate competitor rates automatically, they must be entered manually. 

Tele Tracker Activity - If you use a 3rd party phone integration, this report will show leads, move-ins, payments received, etc from phone activity.

Insurance Reports

Insured Roll - This report shows a list of all tenants with insurance policies including start date, coverage, premium, paid through date, balance and past due amounts if any. You can also filter it to show tenants with proof of private insurance or uninsured tenants. 

Insurance Activity - This report shows all insurance policy activity including new policies, canceled policies, refunds, credits, and payments.

Insurance Statement - This report gives you a summary of insurance coverage at your facility, total insured tenants, and the net amount due to your insurance provider.

Merchandise Reports

Merchandise Summary - This report shows merchandise counts and how they changed over time based on sales and new merchandise. It is often used for merchandise audits. This report also includes a Merchandise Financial Summary which is the total cost of merchandise sold.

Merchandise Activity - This report is a line by line breakdown of what changes to merchandise price and quantity.

Merchandise Sales - This report shows the in stock value of merchandise items with trends over time.

Deposit Reports

Daily Deposit - This report provides your daily close summary including all payments taken and totals by payment type. Please note: This report will only be available if a daily close has been completed.

Cash Basis Deposit Details - This report provides a list of all payments from the day, grouped by tenant, with details about what the charges were for. It is applicable if you use cash basis accounting. 

Accrual Basis Deposit Details - This report provides a list of all payments from the day, grouped by tenant, with details about what the charges were for. It is applicable if you use accrual basis accounting.

Cash Basis Deposit Summary - This report shows total payments taken grouped by what the payments for (rent, fees, etc.), instead of grouped by tenant.

Management Reports

Lead Funnel - This report shows a breakdown of lead activities including conversion to move-ins and lead sources.

Site Inspection - This report is similar info to the Management Summary report but shows data for a 4 month time frame.

Occupancy Statistics - This report shows a breakdown of occupancy and unit rates by unit type and size. 

Occupied History - This report shows occupancy trends broken down by unit type over a 13 month time period. 

Rate Management History - This report shows a history of rate increases by postal code by unit type and size, over a 13 month time frame. 

Discount Summary - This report shows discounts given to tenants for charges during the reporting period as well as future charges. 

Discounts - This report shows a line by line breakdown of every discount given.

Exceptions - This report shows a history of changes made by employees such as discounts given, units deleted, payments deleted, etc. It can be used to audit user activity and company procedures.

Hourly Activity - This report shows hourly activity. It can be useful when evaluating which times of day tend to be busiest for scheduling purposes. 

Log On History - This report shows a record of user logins and from where they logged in from (computer name and IP address).

Security Settings - This report shows an overview of Security Settings you have chosen.

PC Maintenance - This report shows information about computers that have been accessing your SiteLink software.

Manager Activity - This report shows activity per employee such as move-ins processed and payments taken. 


Consolidated Reports

The following reports are only available in SiteLink Corporate Control Center. They are similar to the reports of the same name as described above, but show a combined overview for all locations at your company along with a breakdown per location. 

  • Consolidated Management
  • Consolidated Lead Funnel
  • Rental Activity
  • Financial Summary
  • Deposits
  • Site Activity
  • Rent Budget Analysis
  • Account Receivable
  • Security Deposits
  • Realtime Ranking
  • Promotions Summary
  • Promotions Activity
  • Marketing Summary
  • Bad Debts
  • Insurance Summary
  • Unpaid Charges

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