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How do I start using eSign?

What is SiteLink eSign?

SiteLink eSign provides lease auditing and the ability to collect a legally binding electronic signature from customers when using SiteLink Web Edition. SiteLink eSign is a FREE service included in your SiteLink Web Edition software subscription.

Electronic signatures allow tenants to electronically sign leases, letters and forms from anywhere using a signature pad, mouse, keyboard, or a finger/stylus and touchscreen like a smartphone or tablet. Electronic signatures also allow you to email customers a link to sign a lease, letter or form. It integrates with websites for complete online rental, as well as document management and lease auditing through the SiteLink eSign Console.


How do I enable eSign?

1. In SiteLink Web Edition, click Setup. Tenants
2. Click SiteLink eSign.


3. From here, click the drop-down menu and select SiteLink eSign.


4. To enable electronic leases, select the checkbox to the right of the drop-down menu.


5. If you would like to CC the facility email address each time a lease or document is submitted to a tenant, click the CC site when emailing documents checkbox. If this box is checked, SiteLink will automatically CC the email designated in Company Information under setup.
6. Click OK to save your changes.


Enable forms for eSign

Next, you need to enable your forms for use with eSign.

1. Navigate back to the Setup screen.


2. Click Form Setup.

3. Highlight the specific form you want to make available for eSign with and click Edit under the letter category.

4. Click on the place in the document where you would like it signed and add verbiage to let the customer know to sign. For example “Tenant Signature”.

5. With your cursor to the right of the text that you just added, click Insert at the top of the screen. Choose Keyword and select the correct keyword:

  • If the signature is mandatory choose ESign.Signature1.  

  • If the signature is optional choose the keyword Esign.Signature1Optional.

6. Click Save when you are finished.  save_form.png


Can I use a USB signature pad to allow customers to electronically sign documents?

Tenants can electronically sign using a USB signature pad, mouse, keyboard, or finger/stylus and touchscreen (tablet, smartphone or pressure-sensitive monitor.) Any USB signature pad recognized by your PC's operating system should work. 


What options are available for the tenant to sign a lease either in person, over the phone, or online?

Tenants can sign using a signature pad, mouse, keyboard, or a finger/stylus and touchscreen (tablet, smartphone or pressure-sensitive monitor.) Most mobile devices that use a touchscreen can be used including Apple, Android, and Windows smartphones and tablets.

You may email the tenant a link to the lease, have them sign in-store, or complete an online rental.


Are electronic signatures legally binding?

Electronic signatures are legally binding in the U.S. and many other countries. Two compliance acts passed by the U.S. congress; Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) and Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA), establish that electronic records and signatures have the same effect as paper and handwritten signatures.


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