How do I create email events?

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Campaign Schedule can be used to create events that allow you to easily email your tenants. For example, you may want to create a welcome email to send each time a tenant moves in or a farewell email to send when a tenant moves out.

Note: If you need to email your tenant base with a one time mass email, please check out our article: How do I send a one time mass email to my tenants?


Creating an email campaign

1. In SiteLink Web Edition, click Setup.


2. Click CRM Campaign Schedule.


3. Click Add on the right.

Complete the information on the CRM task screen. Each section of the screen is explained more below:



1. CRM Event Name

The name entered here will be used to identify what the event will be used for (Welcome Email, Birthday Special, Move-out Farewell).

2. Schedule

Select an event that will trigger the task (Move-in, Reservation Cancelled, Calendar Date, etc).

3. Campaign Period

Checking Currently in use will turn on the event. Unchecking will disable it.

Start and end dates can be used to only run the event for a certain amount of time (Ex: Summer Special discount reminder).

4. Show On

The Show On menu will determine when the event is actually set up to appear in the CRM tasks. They can be set a number of days away from the schedule event or for an exact date.

  1. Days from Reference Event can be set as a negative number or a positive number. Negative numbers will send an email before the trigger event (Ex: Invoices sent out before the payment due date) and positive numbers will send after the trigger event. Setting “0” as the day will make the letter occur on the day of the event. (With a birthday message, setting “0” would send the letter on the person’s birthday.)

  2. The Recurring setting will send an email to the recipient at intervals for the amount of days selected (Ex: If Days from Reference Event is set to 5, the letter will be sent every 5 days, starting at 5 days past the event).

  3. The Single Occurrence setting will send an email to the recipient once, occurring on the day selected.

5. Applies to Customer/Lease Type

     a. Customer type can be used to apply the event to a certain type of customer (ex: Past tenants only for a move-out summary, reservation for an event to apply           to people who have made reservations)

     b. Lease type can be used to send only to residential tenants or commercial tenants, or both can be selected to send to both.

6. Letter Delivery Method

This is how the letter selected will be sent to the valid customers.The customer must have provided an email address in order to email them

7. Options

Select the letter that will be sent when the task is processed.

You can create new forms by going into Setup > Form Setup and clicking New RTF or New HTML. Save this with the name that you want to identify it with.



The example below shows how to create a Move-out Farewell Event:


1. In CRM Event Name, type “Move-out Farewell.”


2. We want to have the task occur after they have moved out, so select Moved Out for the Reference Trigger Event.


3. Under Campaign Period, we will keep Currently in use checked so that the task will be available as soon as we save it. We will leave the start date as it is and keep the end date blank so the task won’t end.
4. For Show On, we will have our Move-out Farewell be due 1 day after they move out. We will also select this to be a Single Occurrence, so that they will only receive 1 letter.


5. Under Applies to Customer Type, we will select Past Tenant, as those are the only customers who we would want to send a moved out message to. We will also make the message only to be sent out to residential tenants, so uncheck Commercial if it is not already.


6. We will now select which letter to use. I will use one I created earlier, called “Move-out Farewell” from the setup/form setup screen.

  • If you haven’t made the letter you want to use yet, click OK to save your progress. You can then go to Setup > Form Setup to create your new letter.


7. Once you have selected your letter, click OK to save your task. 


8. To test whether everything is working, go to the main screen of SiteLink to see if the task is in the Reminders list. Alternatively, you can navigate to Operations > Customer Relationship Management and see if your task comes up in the list.


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