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How do I refresh the data in SiteLink Web Edition?

SiteLink Web Edition keeps a local cache database on your computer. If one of the following occurs, you may need to perform a reset to ensure this data is syncing correctly from the server. 

  • You have multiple computers and a transaction shows on 1 computer but not the other/s.

  • You receive a data error when you try to login to SiteLink.

  • You receive an initialization error when logging in SiteLink.

  • SiteLink is running slowly

If you are logged into SiteLink Web Edition

1. Click Tools in the top right corner of the screen and then click Refresh Data
2. You will see a popup message asking if you are sure you want to refresh the local cache database. Click Yes.

3. Once the process is complete, you will receive a message confirming that the data was successfully refreshed.



If you are not logged in to SiteLink Web Edition

1. Open the SiteLink Web Edition login screen but DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LOGIN.

2. Click Maintenance.
Click Reset Local Database.

Click OK from the pop-up.  
Click Launch LiveUpdate.
Follow the prompts to agree to the license agreement and complete the update. Then, restart your computer and attempt to log into SiteLink.


If you are still receiving the error messages or data is not syncing between computers after performing the reset, reach out to the SiteLink Tech Support team at support@sitelink.com for assistance.

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