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How do I set up SMTP email?

warning SiteLink stopped supporting integration with Outlook in March 2019. 


You can send emails from SiteLink to your tenants by setting up an email address defined from SMTP settings (provided by your email provider).

Follow the instructions below to set up emails to from SiteLink: 


1. From SiteLink Web Edition, navigate to Setup. SLWE_setup.png
2. Click E-Mail.



Complete the information on the E-Mail screen. Each section of the screen is explained more below.

1. E-Mail Type

The E-Mail Type section is where you can decide which method of email SiteLink will use to send emails.

None: Emails will not be sent at all from SiteLink.

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP): This allows you to send mail directly from your email server’s address. Selecting this option will make Section 3 appear and let you put in your SMTP details. These details can be found out from your email provider (usually either your Internet service provider or an IT company which has set up your IT).

Messages sent from SiteLink using SMTP will only appear in a Sent Items box if the email is set up as an IMAP email address. We recommend talking to your email provider to see if your email has been set up with this.


2. Default E-Mail Body and Attachment

The Default E-Mail Body and Attachment section defines how all emails will handle documentation such as late letters or invoices which are sent to tenants.

Form is an E-mail attachment
This will send out a PDF document attached to the email. This lets you use either an email predefined message (seen in Section 5) or add in your own subject and body content for the email.
Form is embedded in the E-mail body
This will send the document included in the body of the email. You will still be able to use the predefined messages or your own content, however the document will appear below your body content for the email.
Form is embedded in the E-mail body and included as an attachment 
This option will do both of the above settings–put your document’s message into the email’s body, as well as attaching it to the email in PDF format.

Default E-Mail Settings

The email address shown here is the email that has been set under Setup > Company Information. This is also known as the Site Email.

You can Always BCC Site if you choose. Checking this box will send a copy of every email to the Site Email as well. The Site Email does not have to be the address you are emailing tenants from in SiteLink.


3. SMTP Configuration

SMTP settings are dependent on who hosts your email address. To get this information, please either contact your IT department or your Internet service provider if using an email such as Bigpond Mail. You can find some of the most common hosting setup information in our article: SMTP setup by email provider.

You will need to set up Google App Passwords with 2-Step Authentication if you haven't already and enter a 16 digit passcode from Google in the SMTP password field. You can find instructions in our article: How do I use Google App Passwords with SMTP email in SiteLink.


4. Distribution Groups

Distribution Groups let you create a list of multiple email addresses that you wish to send reports to. For example, if you need to send your daily deposit report to multiple emails, you can set up a distribution group with all of those email addresses to simplify this process.

To add a distribution group, click on the + button.

Name the group. For example, “Management.”

If there are entering multiple email addresses in the group, separate them with a semicolon ( ; ).


5. E-Mail Defaults

E-Mail Defaults allow you to create email templates for different scenarios, such as when your invoices are being sent out. You are unable to remove the default messages, however they can be edited. New predefined messages can also be created by clicking the + button.

NOTE: When sending out emails from Company > Reprint > Forms or processing CRM or Past Due Schedule events, the email message will always default to your “Letter” email default. To send the correct message, you will need to select your message from “Predefined Messages.”


To test that you have set up your email correctly, click Test E-Mail at the bottom of the window.

You will be asked if you want to send a test message and will then asked which email to send this to.

If your details are correct, you will see “Processing Complete. Email Status: 1 Sent, 0 Failed”.

If you see any other message, this means your email was not sent. A failed email could be caused by either incorrect login details (most common), an issue with the email server, no Internet connection.

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