How do I find and reverse rejected ACH payments in SiteLink Web Edition?

The ACH Get Returns task finds and reverses rejected ACH payments. We recommend running the report weekly so that you don’t miss any returned payments. 

To run the task in SiteLink Web Edition:


1. Double click ACH Get Returns from the Reminders or click ACH Bank Debit from the Operations page.
2. Select the date range that you want to search for returns and click Check for Returns. The date range defaults to the last two weeks, but this can be adjusted to search a wider range. 

3. Click Yes from the popup to retrieve ACH Returns. 

4. If there were any rejected ACH payments, you will see a message that some accounts were not successfully processed. Click Ok.

5. The ACH Transaction Processing Failures report that is generated will show any returned payments and SiteLink will automatically add the balances back to the customers’ accounts. Each returned payment will only appear once when you run the task. If a return was previously retrieved, it will not reappear when you run the task in the future. Be sure to print or export the report if you would like to save the information. 
6. When you close the report, you will see a final popup confirming that the transactions have been reversed. The Records Returned number is the total number of ACH transactions made in the period of time you selected

7. In the Ledger History report, you will see ACH payments that have been processed, any that have been reversed, as well as any NSF fees for the returned payments. 


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