Credit Card Processing response codes by payment processor

This article will cover different payment processing responses that you could encounter in your SiteLink software Reports or Tenant Notes. 

For Example: A credit card is declined during a one time payment or Auto Billing. Review the tenant's notes from the payment screen. The response code is shown for the decline and a brief description of the reason.  Use the response code to search by credit card processor to review more information regarding the decline.

Common First Data Payeezy (SiteLink Merchant Services) Bank Response Codes

    • Code ‘100’ indicates that a transaction did not succeed for some reason.
    • Code ‘109’ indicates the transaction previously succeeded.

    • Code values of ‘300’ or higher are Issuer/Association Declines.

    • Code values in the ‘200’ series are Rejects.

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Common Bank Response Codes

    • Code ‘2’ indicates general decline by card issuing bank or by Merchant Service Provider.

    • Code ‘3’ indicates a referral to card issuing bank for verbal approval.

    • Code ‘4’ indicates the Card reported lost or stolen; pick up card if physically available.

    • Code ‘7’ indicates the Address Verification Service (AVS) mismatch; declined by account settings.

    • Code ‘44’ indicates the Card Code declined by payment processor.

    • Code ‘45’ indicates AVS and Card Code mismatch; declined by account settings.

    • Code ‘65’ indicates Card Code mismatch; declined by account settings.

    • Code ‘250’ indicates Fraud Detection Suite (FDS) blocked IP address.

    • Code ‘251’ indicates FDS filter triggered--filter set to decline.

    • Code ‘254’ indicates FDS held for review; transaction declined after manual review.

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Common Paya Bank (SBOA) Response Codes

    • Code ‘1003’ indicates AuthOnly Declined.

    • Code ‘1004’ indicates Validation Failure (System Run Trx).

    • Code ‘1005’ indicates Processor Response Invalid.

    • Code ‘1200’ indicates Voided.

    • Code ‘1531’ indicates Communication Error.

    • Code ‘1610’ indicates Bad PIN.

    • Code ‘1616’ indicates NSF.

    • Code ‘1622’ indicates Card Expired.

    • Code ‘1631’ indicates Account Closed.

    • Code ‘1654’ indicates Voided - Online Reversal Failed.

    • Code ‘1659’ indicates Declined - Partial Approval not Supported.

    • Code ‘1800’ indicates Incorrect CVV.

Common Paya Bank (SBOA) Response Codes: ACH

    • Code ‘2101’ indicates Insufficient funds.

    • Code ‘2102’ indicates Bank account closed.

    • Code ‘2104’ indicates Invalid bank account number.

    • Code ‘2116’ indicates Bank account frozen.

    • Code ‘2128’ indicates Transit routing number check digit error.

    • Code ‘2142’ indicates Routing Number/Check Digit Error.

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Common Global Payments (OpenEdge/PayPros) Response Codes: 

    • Code ‘101’ indicates Declined by Bank.

    • Code ‘501’ indicates This transaction has already been processed.

    • Code ‘505’ indicates You cannot use this service from there [[URL/IP]].

    • Code ‘505’ indicates The refund password you entered was incorrect.

    • Code ‘508’ indicates Incorrect hash. Please check your code and the Developers Documentation.

    • Code ‘511’ indicates Unable to connect to the merchant's response URL [URL].

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