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How do I find failed credit card payments?

To find which customer credit cards failed during Auto Billing, follow the instructions below:


1. From the Operations screen in SiteLink Web Edition, click Credit Cards.

2. Any card remaining in the list has failed. Select all customers on this page and click Print so that you have a list of these customers to reference in the next step. 

3. Go to the Operations page and click Payments.

4. Double click on the tenant from the list.  
5. Click Notes.

6. The note will display a reason that the card was declined. If you need additional information about why the card was declined, you will need to contact your credit card processor. If you are using SiteLink Merchant Services, please reach out to our team at support@sitelink.com or (919) 865-0789 opt 4 and then opt 2.



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