How do I add or edit merchandise?

SiteLink allows you to set up your inventory of merchandise and also keeping track of your stock levels. Follow the instructions below to add or modify merchandise in SiteLink.


1. Log into SiteLink Web Edition and navigate to Site Setup and then Merchandise. merch2
2. In the Inventory screen, click Add on the far right.

3. On this screen, enter the name of the item in the Description box.



  • You can enter how much tax is charged on merchandise if applicable in the Tax #1 Rate and Tax #2 Rate fields.

  • The Total is how much 1 item costs.

  • Cost of Goods is how much per item it costs the facility to purchase.

  • In Stock is how much of the merchandise you have in stock. You don’t have to fill this in when first adding the item, as you can come back and edit it after you save.

  • Order Point is the stock level where a reorder needs to be made for the item. You will be prompted to reorder when this stock level is hit on the reminders screen.

  • You can enter barcode information in the Bar Code field. If you use a bar code reader, you can simply scan the item’s bar code to populate this field.

  • The Account section is where we select which account our merchandise income will go under. There are a few options to choose from.

For this example, we’ll choose Merchandise Income, 4061: Boxes Income. This is because we are classifying it as a type of box. If you have a merchandise item that doesn’t fit into a category in the accounts, you can choose an Other Merchandise account.

5. Check Currently used at this site and you’re done!

5. Click OK to add your merchandise to the list.


6. If you entered “0” in the In Stock field, you can come back to this screen to edit the amount in stock. Once you know the correct number, click on the item the highlight it from the list of merchandise and select Edit on the right.

Note: Be sure to stay on top of your stock levels. If you do not add to your in-stock count when purchasing new POS items, inventory will start showing as negative in SiteLink.


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