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How do I use Web Rates?

A Web Rate is an alternate rate that you can set up in SiteLink to be sent through the SiteLink API to display on third-party platforms.

⚠ While SiteLink will send your Web Rates through the API, your Standard Rates, Push Rates (if you are using them and have activated them in Web Template), and Preferred Rates are also sent through the API. It is ultimately up to the integrator to select which rate they will display. If you are using G5, Automatit, a website provider, or marketing platform and you want them to use Web Rates, you’ll need to contact them to ensure they use the correct rates.


Setting up or changing your Web Rates

1. Access SiteLink Web Edition and access the Company tab.

2. Click Modify Units.

3. Click the Batch Edit Web Rates button on the right.

4. In the upper right corner, you’ll notice four options. Select the option you’d like to use and edit your Web Rates to your preference. Your options include:

Use Standard Rates for Web Rates (Web Rates off): This option will be selected by default. It will ensure that the Standard Rate takes precedence when passed through the API.

Lower Web Rates below Standard Rates by fixed amount: By selecting this option and entering a value in the field to its right, you will create Web Rates that are a specific amount less than the Standard Rate for that unit group.
Example: If you select this option and enter 10.00 for a unit group for which the Standard Rate is $100, the Web Rate for that unit group will be $90.00.

Lower Web Rates below Standard Rates by percentage: Selecting this option and entering a value in the field to its right will create a Web Rate that is a specific percentage below the Standard Rate.
Example: If you select this option and enter 25 for a unit group for which the Standard Rate is $100, the Web Rate for that unit group will be $75.

Set web rates directly by unit groups: Selecting this option will allow you enter a custom amount to use as your Web Rate for each unit group. With this option selected, you can enter a new value directly into the table in the New Web Rate column.
5. After you’ve selected your Web Rates, click OK to save your changes.


Ensure your Web Rates are seen by integrated platforms

Even though your Web Rates will be sent through the API once you’ve set them, there is an extra measure you can take to ensure that Web Rates are available as intended to integrators that you use:


1. Log in to SiteLink Corporate Control Center.  
2. Click Rules: Websites, Call Centers and Kiosks settings in the Websites, Kiosk and Call Center section of Site Setup.

3. Select the location you’d like to edit and click Next.

4. At the top of the screen under the Move Ins and Move Outs heading, ensure that the box next to Use the push rate at move in when available is not checked.

Note: If this box is checked, the Push Rate is passed through the API. If you are not sending Push Rates through the API, it is more likely that the Web Rate will be picked up as the integrator doesn’t have as many rates to choose between

5. Click OK to save your changes.  


How reports are impacted by Web Rates

Now that you’ve added Web Rates to your software, your reports will reflect them. Any SiteLink report that gives details about your standard or Push Rates will also now display Web Rates. If you are not using Web Rates, the Web Rate column will be blank. The reports that are affected include:

  • Price List
  • Vacant Units (at export)
  • Rent Roll (at export)
  • Occupied Units (at export)
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