How do I enable online Move-Ins?

Offering your tenants the option to complete their move-in online gives you the ability to facilitate more move-ins without the need to have in-person contact with your tenants. This can be especially useful in the event that person-to-person contact is not advised (such as during a pandemic). Online move-ins are available from the SiteLink Store or Web Template.


Enable Online Move-Ins


1. Log into the Corporate Control Center and click Website and Web Template Setup.


2. Choose the facility that you want to enable for Online Move-ins and click Next.
3. Select the Web Template eCommerce Gateway tab.

4. Select the Online Move-ins tab.

5. Click Use updated reservation layout.

Note: The default is “Use legacy reservation layout” however, if this is selected, customers will have the ability to reserve a unit online but will not be able to complete an online move-in.

6. Check the box labeled Enable online move-ins. If you offer insurance, check the box for Offer online insurance and add the link to your insurance policy in the Insurance policy URL box. 
7. Click Save.   


Enable eSign

Check out our article about how to enable eSign if you aren’t already using it.  

In order for online move-ins to be possible, SiteLink eSign must be used and the checkbox to enable eLeases must be checked in eSign Setup. A lease form associated with each unit type must be enabled in Form Setup and must contain at least one eSign keyword as well. Steps to complete all of those requirements are explained in the article linked above. 

Credit Card Processor Configuration

In order to use online move-ins, you also must be able to accept online payments. There must be a credit card processor configured in the SiteLink Marketplace and at least one credit card payment type must be set to allow online payments.

Set a Payment Type to Allow Online Payments


1. In order to allow credit card payments online, navigate to Program Defaults in the Corporate Control Center. 
2. Select the Payment Types tab and then select the payment option that you would like to set to allow online payments. Make sure the radio button to the right to Allow payments using this type is selected and then check Allow online payments using this type. Click Save when you are done making this selection for all payment types that you would like to accept online. 


Gate Codes

We would recommend not withholding gate codes for online move-ins, especially if you are trying to maintain social distancing. If you do need to speak with the customer before supplying a gate code, be sure to reach out by phone so that the customer has everything they need to move into their unit while remaining contactless. 

What does an online move-in look like for the customer?


If you’re using the SiteLink store, the Reserve tab will change to Reserve/Move-in
When the customer clicks on that tab to view the list of available units, they will see the options to Reserve or Move in Now based on the unit level settings that you have created in your software. 


When the customer clicks on Move in Now


Step 1: The customer can select an insurance option if you offer it.
Step 2: The customer fills out their contact information and creates a login.

Step 3: The customer enters their payment information and has the option to save it for automatic payments. Once the customer clicks the Pay & Sign button, the payment information that was entered will be validated prior to moving on to the next step.

Step 4: The customer will be asked to fill out and sign the eSign document (lease). Once that is complete, the customer will see a confirmation page and also receive an email to confirm the completed move-in.  

Check out our article about how to add an Online Move-In link to your customer communications if you would like to insert a link to this move-in flow from your email templates.  


Next Steps

Once a customer moves in online, you will receive an email as well as a Bulletin in SiteLink Web Edition. Keep an eye out for these notifications if you have chosen to withhold gate codes or need to reach out to the customer about anything else before they move in. Otherwise, no further action is needed on your part. 



If you have followed the steps above and units are still not available for Online Move-Ins, read our troubleshooting guide for more information about what may be preventing Online Move-ins. 


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