Why does a tenant who moved out show in 'Auctions'?

By design, SiteLink will show tenants who moved out but still have a remaining balance as part of the Auction process.  If you do not plan to auction the unit but want to remove them from Auction in your tasks, you will need to clear their remaining balance.


1. In SiteLink Web Edition, click Adjustments and then Moved out Accounts.
2. Click on the tenant and then click Next.  

3. Check the box labeled Write off remaining charges as bad debt.

If the box is gray and cannot be checked,

1)You do not have access to clear bad debt


2)The tenant was moved out in the current month and cannot be written off until next month.


4. Click Yes in the pop-up screen asking you to confirm the transaction and then click OK. The Tenant will no longer show in the Auction events.


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