Miscellaneous Adjustments

You can use the Miscellaneous Adjustment option any time an adjustment needs to be made that cannot be recorded to a specific account. For example: If you count up the cash collected at the end of the day and the total comes up 5 dollars short of what SiteLink said was collected that day. You will not be able to close with a discrepancy, so you can enter a negative adjustment. SiteLink will match what you have on hand, and then you will be able to close.


You can find this option from the Daily Close screen by clicking Enter Ledger Adjustment.

1a. Select Paid To to decrease the amount of deposit.

1b. Select Received to increase the amount of deposit.

2. Enter what you are decreasing or increasing in the Paid To or Received fields.

3. Enter the amount. Users no longer need to enter a minus(-) sign in the amount to reduce the income for the day. This is controlled by the Paid Out or Received selection above.

4. It is not required, but you can add additional information in the Memo field.

5. Click Add to create the adjustment

Ledger Adjustments will show on the deposit report and are available for review from the Daily Deposit screen as well.

Note: The Account selection ties to Banking in the Setup menu in SiteLink. This means that you can point to individual accounts if applicable.

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