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How do I perform a Daily Close in SiteLink myHub?

⚠️ Before you can perform a Daily Close in SiteLink myHub, you must have completed at least one manual Daily Close in SiteLink Web Edition.


Follow the instructions below to perform a Daily Close in SiteLink myHub:

1. Log into myhub.sitelink.com and from the homepage, click Daily Close.
2. Count and enter the amount of money that you received for each payment type into the corresponding box. For example, under Cash, you should only put how much money you received from cash transactions.

3. The amounts that have been recorded in SiteLink will populate in the Actual column as you enter the totals in each field.

4. If there is a difference between the amount that you entered and what has been recorded in SiteLink, you will see a column labeled Difference with the difference between those two amounts.

5. If the numbers match up and there are no differences, click Close Day to complete. 

If the numbers do not match, you will not be able to click the Close Day button. If this happens, click View Transactions next to the payment type that is not matching up.

6. You will see a list of transactions that were made with the payment type pop out on the right.  Compare those with your physical receipts in order to find the error.

7. Once you’ve found the error, log into SiteLink Web Edition in order to correct a payment or enter a ledger or miscellaneous adjustment.



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