How do I create a Ledger Adjustment?

If you have not yet performed the daily close, you can easily make adjustments to payments that have been collected throughout the day.


1. Log into SiteLink Web Edition and click Adjustments and then Ledger Adjustments.


2. Click on the tenant that corresponds to the incorrect payment and click Next.

3. Click Void Receipt.

4. If you need to correct the payment for a different amount or refund it using your credit card processor directly, select No to refund. Only click Yes if you need to refund the money back to the customer's credit card through SiteLink. 

It is typically better to click No for a credit card payment and void it directly in the processor. Voids will release the funds back to the tenant typically by the end of the day, whereas a refund will remove the funds and take 3-7 business days before the refund is returned to the tenant. 


5. For Cash and Check payments, click No.



6. Once complete, go to Payments and retake the payment for the correct amount if needed.


Miscellaneous adjustments

If you are unable to correct the payment amounts using the method above, you can enter a miscellaneous adjustment. You can find instructions in our article: Miscellaneous Adjustments.

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