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How do I run Auto Billing?

If you have set up Auto Billing for any of your tenants, you will see a reminder when it is time to process the payments. You can read in our article: How to set up Auto Billing.


To process Credit Card Auto Billing in SiteLink Web Edition:

SiteLink will compile a list of tenants that need to be charged each day based on their due dates. If a tenant is past due, they will appear on the list of tenants to be charged each day until their balance is $0.

To access the list of tenants to be charged:


1. Click Credit Cards from the Operations screen under Billing.

2. Check the box next to each tenant you would like to process a payment for or click All under Selection to select all tenants on the list.

3. Click Batch Process Checked Items to process the selected payments.

4. If any transactions are declined, they will appear on the Payment Failures report that generates once the process is complete.


To process ACH Auto Billing in SiteLink Web Edition:

1. Double click ACH to Submit from the Reminders.


You can also reach the same workflow by clicking ACH Bank Debit from the Operations screen.


2. Select the tenants you want to process payments for or check All from Selections and then click Submit Transactions.

3. Click Yes from the popup to confirm that you would like to submit the transactions. 

4. Click Yes from the next popup if you would like to print receipts.


5. If there were any unsuccessful transactions, you will see a popup that some accounts were not successfully processed. 

5a. Click OK from the popup to view a report of which transactions failed. Important: Be sure to print, export, or otherwise save the report. Once you close the window, you won’t be able to get back to this page.


5b. Check and update the information from the Responses for each failed transaction. In the example above we needed to verify and re-enter the tenant’s Name, State, and Postal code. 


5c. Resubmit those transactions if needed. 

6. You will see a popup that processing is complete when all transactions have been submitted successfully. 
7. Once you have submitted all payments that you want to process, you will need to commit the transactions. Click Uncommitted Batch on the right-hand side under Select a Task.
8. Click Commit All Submitted Transactions.
You can also double-click ACH TO Commit from your Reminders to get back to the Uncommitted Batch list and then select Commit All Submitted Transactions as indicated above. 
9. You will receive a pop-up confirming that your transactions were processed. 
10. You will then see the completed batches on the Batch History screen. You can double click on a batch to view the report of all transactions included in the batch.


9. The ACH Get Returns task finds and reverses rejected ACH payments. We recommend running the report weekly so that you don’t miss any returned payments. You can learn more in our article: How to find and reverse rejected ACH payments.






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