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FAQ: Upgrading to Storable Payments from another payment processor

This article is intended for SiteLink clients who have signed up for Storable Payments as their payment processor.

We are constantly adding new features and bug fixes to Storable Payments, so be sure to run SiteLink Web Edition updates whenever they are available.

There are a few key differences in your daily workflows to be aware of as well as a few proactive steps you can take to set yourself up for success after you have upgraded to Storable Payments from another payment processor. 

Refresh SiteLink data after you activate

Refresh the SiteLink data on all computers that were running SiteLink Web Edition while you activated Storable Payments. This will update your payment processor to Storable Payments on all devices.


Cancel your previous payment processor

Be sure to cancel your previous payment processor.

Note: If you are upgrading from SiteLink Merchant Services, your account will be canceled automatically.


Credit cards on file

It’s possible that some cards you have been using for recurring payments will be declined the first time you run the payment through Storable Payments. This can happen when the tenant’s bank doesn’t recognize their card anymore because it’s being submitted by a new processor. In that case, their bank may decline the transaction for security reasons. The cardholder should reach out to their bank to determine why the payment cannot be processed. 

Another potential reason a card on file might be declined is if the expiration date or other card information has changed in the past 18 months. It is common for an outdated card to be declined when you switch processors. We recommend reaching out to the cardholder to gather updated card information and submitting the payment again.


WhiteList Storable Payments

To avoid processing errors, we recommend whitelisting *.storable.io with your router and the computer/s you use to process payments. The Firewall on your router or the computer itself may block access to the Storable Payments server, which would prevent payments from being processed.


Update your bank with Storable Payments ACH IDs

If your bank account is debit locked, please provide the bank with the following ACH Company IDs so that transactions can be correctly processed:



  • 1263355235

  • 2263355235 

PCI compliance

Maintaining payment security is required for all entities that store, process, or transmit card data.  PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard) is a set of guidelines on maintaining that payment security.  If you do not already work with a QSA (Qualified Security Assessor), we can help to set up an account with our preferred provider, ControlScan.  Please reach out to our merchant support team at merchantsupport@sitelink.com or (512) 886-1840 and we’ll be happy to help. 


Getting Data into your Accounting System 

The best way to find your total income for each Bank Deposit is to use the Deposits list in MyHub Corporate Control. 

  1. Log in to MyHub Corporate Control Center

  2. Click Payments in the main menu

  3. Click CC Deposits and Fees in the main menu

  4. Here you will see each Bank Deposit that falls within your selected filter criteria. Click on the View button to view the breakdown of Sales, Refunds, and Chargeback activity, as well as a list of transactions that went into the deposit.

Voiding and Refunding Payments

With your previous payment processor, you may have used a Virtual Terminal to issue money back to your tenants.  We have made some changes in order to better align with Credit Card processing best practices and security standards. We recommend reading our guide on reversing payments.

Refunding money directly back to the Credit Card that was used to pay

In order to refund money to a Credit Card, the Credit Card must be have been used as the original method of payment. You can find instructions in our article: How do I void or refund a payment?

Issue money back when a tenant is moving out

To comply with security best practices, you are no longer able to issue money to a credit card by manually typing in the credit card information.  

Issue money back during a Unit Transfer

You will need to issue a physical check or another non-electronic refund format.

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