How do I accept payments online when using Storable Payments?

You can choose to allow tenants to make payments through your website or the SiteLink Web Template by credit card and ACH. Follow the steps below to set up payment methods to accept online.

1. Log into the Corporate Control Center and navigate to Program Defaults
2. Click the Payment Types tab and then select the payment type that you would like to set up from the Payment Type list. Make sure the radio button to Allow payments using this type is selected and then check Allow online payments using this type. Click Save when you are done and OK to close the screen. 

3. Click Website and Web Template Setup from the Site Setup page.

4. Choose the facility that you want to enable online payments for and click Next.
5. Select the Web Template eCommerce Gateway tab.

6. Select the Credit Card or ACH/EFT tab.

7. Be sure the box labeled Disable online payments is not checked and Storable Payments is selected as your Processor from the dropdown menu. 

8. Click Save.





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