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FAQ: Storable Payments ACH

What is ACH?

Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a method of transferring funds from one bank account to another using a bank routing number and a unique customer account number. This system is a safe and convenient way for customers to make recurring payments in the U.S.

How long does ACH take to clear? 

Funds from ACH payments will be available 3 days from the date the payment is made. 

How do I accept ACH payments?

1. If you have not already enabled ACH payments, log into Corporate Control Center and navigate to Program Defaults.
2. Click the Payment Types tab and then select ACH from the Payment Type list. Select the radio button to the right to Allow payments using this type is selected and click Save. 


ACH is currently available to use for Auto Billing and one time payments from tenants. You can learn more in our article:  How to set up Auto Billing

The ability to accept ACH payments through your website will depend on your website provider. If you use the SiteLink Web Template, your customers can pay online by ACH if you have that payment method enabled.  You can find instructions in our article: How to enable ACH payments to be accepted online

How do I run Auto Billing for ACH payments?

You will see a Reminder labeled ACH to Submit when you have ACH payments to run. You can find instructions in our article: How to run ACH Auto Billing.  

How do I view my ACH Transactions?

You can view ACH transactions on the Transactions page in SiteLink myHub. 

If you are upgrading to Storable Payments from another payment processor, you may be used to seeing Credit Card and ACH deposits made to your bank account separately. With Storable Payments, credit card and ACH deposits are combined. 

Why are Credit Card and ACH deposits combined?

For the purposes of reconciliation, transactions are tracked as they move between your software, payment processor, and back to your software to ensure that nothing is lost, altered, or misdirected along the way. 

Reconciling your payment transactions allows you to confirm that you received all the funds you expected and view the activities that make up each deposit. However, reports in each system of the payment process may not match up due to timing cutoff differences and unique processes that happen at each step. This process becomes more complicated when Credit Card and ACH transactions are deposited separately.

Accessing deposit reporting and the related transaction detail for the same timeframe solves this problem. With Storable Payments, we do the heavy lifting for reconciliation between your software and payment processor in real-time.

How do I process refunds for ACH transactions?

You can void or refund ACH payments from SiteLink myHub Corporate Control Center. You can learn more in our article: How to refund payments

What if a payment is rejected/declined?

You can find returned ACH payments in SiteLink Web Edition by running the ACH Get Returns task. You can find more information in our article: Rejected ACH payments

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