Troubleshooting: Transactions made with CC on file failing after changing payment processor

This article is intended for SiteLink clients who are using Storable Payments as their payment processor.

Why are transactions made with credit cards on file failing after changing payment processors?

When a merchant changes their payment processor, transactions made to credit cards on file that had been processing successfully can begin to fail. Typically this is because the card information is outdated. The card-issuing bank may have been allowing the payment to go through based on a history of successful transactions submitted by the merchant. For security purposes, the card brand may now want the outdated card information to be corrected before approving transactions submitted through a new processor.

How do I fix this problem?

If you have recently switched from another payment processor to Storable Payments and cards on file that had previously been processing successfully are now failing, you likely need to update the card information. Reach out to any tenants whose payments failed and update their card number and expiration date. Then, try processing the payment again. 

If the payment fails again, the tenant should reach out to their bank to determine why the payment will not go through prior to rerunning the transaction. You can also try running a one-time payment with the updated credit card information as a workaround.

If the issue continues and you have already tried updating the card information, please reach out to our support team at or 512-886-1840 for additional help. It is important not to attempt to run the payment too many times in a row as this can make the transaction look suspicious to the card-issuing bank

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