How do I find the status of a payment reversal when using Storable Payments?

1. Log into MyHub Corporate Control Center.  
2. Click Payments in the menu on the left side.
3. Select Transactions.


You will see a list of all transactions and the status of each transaction. Reversals will show up as a negative amount, e.g. (-$50.00), and as a separate line item from the original payment, which will remain as a positive amount. For example:

Original Payment
3/10/2020    1:12pm      Joe Smith Visa      *1234    $75.00
3/10/2020    1:17pm     Joe Smith Visa      *1234    (-$75.00)


What you’ll see after the reversal is successfully processed

The time of day that you complete a payment reversal will affect what you will see in SiteLink. This will also vary based on the Deposit Cut-Off Time your account is set up with. 

  • A payment that is reversed on the same day and before your Deposit Cut-Off Time will be voided (canceled before it is processed with the bank). There will be no record of the payment on the tenant’s bank statement.

  • A payment that is reversed after your Deposit Cut-Off Time will be handled as a refund. The original payment will be deducted from the cardholder’s bank account, and the refund will be credited back to them within a few days.

SiteLink Reports and Receipt 

The payment will show up as a reversed payment.


Daily Deposit Report 

Refunds show up in the Refunds section on the bottom right. 

Tenant Ledger

The payment will not appear in the Tenant Ledger.

Transactions List in MyHub Corporate Control Center 

The original Payment will be listed (e.g. $50) along with a separate line item for the reversed amount (e.g. ($-50)).

Bank Deposits and Deposit Details in MyHub Corporate Control Center:  

  • Voids do not flow through to Bank Deposits.

  • For Refunds, the payment and the refund will be reflected on separate deposit reports because they occur on different days. Reference the Deposits Report for the amount you should expect to see for each deposit. 

Tenant’s Bank Statement 

  • Voids will not show up, but bank activity may reflect the pending void for up to 24 hours. 

  • For Refunds, the Payment and the Refund will show up as separate line items on the tenant’s bank statement.

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