SiteLink myHub FAQ

How do I start using SiteLink myHub?

SiteLink myHub runs in a web browser as a website, so there is nothing to download or install. SiteLink myHub is included with your SiteLink subscription. Simply log into using your existing SiteLink Web Edition or Corporate Control Center credentials. 

Do myHub and SiteLink Web Edition sync with one another?

SiteLink Web Edition and SiteLink myHub share the same database, so your data will sync between the two automatically. 

What devices can I use to access SiteLink myHub?

Since SiteLink myHub is browser-based, it can be accessed on any tablet (including iPad, Android, Kindle Fire and Windows tablet), smartphone, PC, or Mac. There are no device-specific limitations.

Is there a preferred tablet that works best with myHub?

Any tablet should work with SiteLink myHub. However, some are better than others due to their hardware. For example, better processors and more RAM make for faster performance. We don’t recommend bargain tablets, but there is also no need to buy a top-shelf tablet. SiteLink myHub is not processor intensive.

Keep in mind, the speed of your Internet connection and signal strength of your WiFi or cellular connection will also impact performance.

Which Web Browser should I use?

SiteLink myHub is optimized for Google Chrome, but will work well in other web browsers like Apple's Safari, Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Edge, Firefox and others.

If I send a myHub URL to a colleague, are they required to log in?

SiteLink myHub will require a user to log in if the user does not have an active myHub session open. Upon login, myHub will display the page corresponding with the URL you sent, as long as the user has the correct permission level to access that screen. Access levels in myHub mimic access levels in SiteLink Web Edition.

How do I navigate in myHub?

Navigation in SiteLink myHub will vary depending on the screen size of the device you are using. On larger tablets and computer monitors there will be a navigation menu on the left side of your screen. In most cases when using a portable device, there will be a navigation button in the top left corner of your screen (blue with three white lines) you can click to expand a drop-down navigation menu.

How does SiteLink myHub sync with Gate Software?

Gate Software is locally installed. The SiteLink Web Edition client should be set up to Update gate for remote transactions. This setting is in Setup > Gate Setup. Your gate will be updated automatically with transactions from SiteLink myHub.

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