How do I add or delete units?

You can add units up to the total number included in your subscription by following the instructions below.

If you have reached your maximum number of units and need to add more units, you will need to contact the SiteLink Billing team to discuss increasing the unit limit for your SiteLink Web Edition license. Please send an email to or call (919)-865-0789, ext 3.

Add units

1. In SiteLink Web Edition, click Setup


2. Select the Units & Tenants tab. Then, click Add Units.


3. Enter the first unit number of the units you want to add in the Starting field and the last unit number in the Ending field under Unit Names


Note: SiteLink supports unit names up to 6 characters, which can be any combination of numbers and letters. SiteLink does not support hyphens "-" or slash "/" characters in unit names.



You can only create one unit group at a time. For example, if you need to add 10 10x10 drive-up units and 10 5x10 climate-controlled units, start by adding the unit numbers and specifications for the 10x10 drive-up units, save that unit group, and then repeat for the 5x10 climate-controlled units. 

If you only need to add one unit, enter the same unit number in both the Starting and Ending fields. 

Note: You can only add new unit numbers that do not already exist in SiteLink. If you attempt to add numbers that are already in the system, you will get an error message. 

4. Select the most appropriate unit type for the unit group from the dropdown menu. Keep in mind that every unit being added will have the same specifications applied. 


5. Enter the Width and Length of the units you’d like to add.


6. Set the price of the units in the Monthly Rate field and the Weekly Rate fields. 


⚠The Weekly Rate field is required. If you need to calculate the Weekly Rate based on your monthly rate, multiply the monthly rate by 12 and then divide by 52.


7. Enter a Security Deposit (if applicable) and the Floor number the units are on. Select the Entry Location and the Door Type from the dropdown menus.


8. Check the boxes for any applicable amenities and enter a description of the units if you would like.


9. Click Save and then click Yes from the popup message asking if you would like to add the new entries. 



Delete Units

Follow the instructions below to delete units.

1. In SiteLink Web Edition, click Setup


2. Select the Units & Tenants tab. Then, click Delete Units.


3. Select the unit/s that you would like to delete.  Screenshot_2023-01-31_at_3.38.23_PM.png
4. Click Delete.  



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