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How do I convert a lead or reservation to a move-in?

Follow the directions below to convert a Lead or Reservation to a Move-In: 


1. From the Operations page in SiteLink Web Edition, click Lead to Lease.


2. Select the reservation you want to convert and click Convert


3. The unit will default to the unit selected during the reservation process. If you would like to move the customer into a different unit, you can select a new unit from the list. Then, click Next


4. If you need to make any changes to the tenant’s name or contact information, click Edit. Once the tenant’s information is correct, click Next


5. Make any updates to the tenant’s account if you need to. If you do not make any changes, the account will be created with your facility's general specifications. Click Save when you are done.


6. Click Yes from the pop up message to commit the transaction. 


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