Opening SiteLink applications from the SSO dashboard

⚠️  The Storable SSO dashboard is being tested by a small number of customers. This feature will be available to all SiteLink customers at a future date. 

With Storable SSO, you can log into SiteLink applications using a single user account instead of separate logins per app or facility. Storable SSO allows you to log into SiteLink Web Edition, myHub, and Corporate Control Center, all from the Storable SSO dashboard which includes Multi-Factor Authentication for enhanced security.

If you are launching an app from the Storable SSO dashboard for the first time, you must first enable SSO launch within SiteLink. If you have already enabled SSO launch, skip to the next section

Enable SSO launch

This step needs to be completed once on all computers used to access SiteLink for both SiteLink Web Edition and SiteLink Corporate Control Center (if you have access). Once enabled, you will be able to launch any location and app you have access to from the SSO dashboard. You do not need to complete this step separately for SiteLink myHub. 

In SiteLink Web Edition, click Tools and then Enable SSO launch from the dropdown menu.

Please note: This option will only appear in the Tools menu if SSO is active for your organization and if you have not already enabled SSO launch. 

Repeat this step in SiteLink Corporate Control Center if you have access.


Opening Storable apps from the SSO dashboard

1. Once you’ve logged into the Storable SSO dashboard, you will see icons for the apps you have access to, if any.


Click the application you would like to log into.

2. If you select SiteLink Web Edition and you have access to multiple locations, you can then choose a location.


3. If you select SiteLink myHub and you have access to both Web Edition and Corporate Control Center, you can choose the application you want to log into from the drop down menu and then select a location.


4. A new tab will open in your browser showing that your selected application is being launched.

Please note: Multiple tabs will open in your internet browser as part of the login process. This will be streamlined in future software updates. 


5. Click Open SiteLink Web Edition Client (or the app you selected) from the dialog box. You can also check Always allow to open links of this type in the associated app in order to skip this step in the future. If you do not see this prompt, click the blue Open App button shown in the screenshot above. This may happen if you have pop-ups blocked in your browser. 


Your chosen application will be launched and you will automatically be logged in.




I tried to launch an app from the SSO dashboard and see a blank screen in my browser tab.

If you see a blank screen when attempting to launch SiteLink using the Storable SSO dashboard, check that you have enabled SSO for the desired application and the computer you’re using.


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