Are there restrictions to HTML code that can be used in forms?

What elements should not be used in forms?

The SiteLink firewall blocks certain elements such as external content such as rel="stylesheet" and <script> tags from being used in forms in order to maintain high levels of security and protect against outside threats. 

Could there be restricted elements in my forms?

Restricted elements have changed over time as security best practices have evolved. Previously, fewer elements were blocked by our firewall which means older forms may include elements that were not prohibited at the time they were created but are currently restricted. 

How do I know if there are restricted elements in my forms?

Restricted elements in forms typically result in rendering issues because those elements are blocked by our firewall. Layout and basic styling tags such as table tags (<table>, <tr>, <td>) and headers (<h1>, etc.) are safe to use, however most other external content or <script> tags should not be included. If there are rendering issues with your forms, check to see if external content, styling, or <script> tags are being used. 

Coming soon: If you attempt to clone or create a form with restricted elements, you will receive an alert in SiteLink. If you save a form with restricted elements, those elements will be automatically commented out in the code by our system.

What should I do if there are restricted elements in my forms?

We recommend removing any code other than basic layout and styling tags. In particular, external content or <script> tags cannot be used.

Check out our article: How do I create or edit a form? for more information about how to update forms. 

Please note: Editing HTML in custom forms is not within the scope of SiteLink Technical Support. If you are not comfortable editing the code in your forms, you may need to reach out to a 3rd party provider for assistance. 

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