How do I move a tenant out?

Follow the instructions below to move a tenant out in SiteLink Web Edition. If you would like to schedule a move out for a future date, skip to the next section.  

Move a tenant out

1. From the Operations screen in SiteLink Web Edition, click Move Out.


2. Select the tenant who is moving out and click Next


3. The move out date will default to today’s date, however, you can change the move-out date using the date picker if needed. 

Note: This option may not be available depending on your settings.


4. Credit Options: You can check or uncheck boxes for the following:

  • Waive all fees dated after the move-out date
  • Prorate rent & recurring charges

If you choose to prorate rent, a refund may be due to the customer.

You can learn more about settings for unpaid future charges in our article: How do I change how future charges are handled at move out?


5. If the tenant is owed a refund, select one of the refund options. Any prepaid rent charges for future periods are automatically included in the refund due.

There are three ways to manage refunds:

  1. Leave Refund on Account: This is usually selected when another employee at your company is responsible for issuing refunds and will do so at a later time. 
  2. Apply to Another Unit: If the tenant is renting other units, the refund can be applied to another unit. You will be prompted to select the unit to apply the refund to after completing this screen.
  3. Return to Customer:  You will issue the refund during the move out process.

6. If the tenant has remaining charges to pay, select the radio button to Take a payment for remaining charges. You will be prompted to process the payment after completing this screen. 

If you do not intend to collect the balance due, select the radio button to Mark remaining charges as bad debt.


7. Check the boxes for Unrentable or Service Required if the unit needs maintenance prior to being rented out again. 


8. Click Exit Survey if you’d like to record information such as a reason for leaving and facility ratings. The Exit Survey can also be emailed to the tenant after move-out by using a CRM event.


9. Click OK when you are done making changes on this screen.


10. If the tenant owes a balance and you have not chosen to write it off as bad debt, you will see the option to take a payment. Select Yes to take the payment.

If you select No, you can access the tenant’s account to take the payment later from Adjustments > Moved Out Accounts.


On the Payment screen, select a payment method from the drop down menu.

Additional fields will appear depending on the payment method you select. Complete the fields for the payment type.  

Click OK to process the payment. A prompt will appear to save the payment, followed by another prompt to print or email a receipt for the payment.


11. If you have selected to return a refund to the customer, you will be taken to the Refund screen after you click OK from the Move Out screen. 

Step #1: Return to Customer will be automatically selected.

Step #2: The charges that will be returned will be checked. The total can be decreased by unchecking charges, but not increased.

Step #3: Enter the reason for the refund.

Step #4: Enter the payment method for the refund.

Note: Refunds to credit cards may take up to 14 days to appear on the customer’s account depending on the issuing bank.


12. Finally, you will receive prompts to print and/or email the following forms:

  • Notice of Intent to Vacate form (if used at your facility)
  • Move Out Receipt (if enabled at your facility)
  • The tenant's Ledger History and Notes reports




After the move out is complete, the tenant’s gate access will automatically be revoked. Unless you marked the unit as unrentable, the unit will automatically be available to rent. 


If you make a mistake and need to reverse the move out, you can do so in some circumstances. Learn more in our article: How do I reverse a move out?


Schedule a move out 

You can schedule a move out for a future date which will add a prompt in the Reminders on the scheduled move out day.

1. Click Move Out from the Operations screen in SiteLink Web Edition.


2.   Select the tenant from the list and click Schedule Move Out.


3. Pick a move-out date from the calendar.

You can click Disable Past Due Events to disable or suspend past due events, like gate lockout, late fees and collections letters. If the tenant does not move out, normal past-due events are restored automatically when the next month begins.

Click OK to complete the scheduled move out and exit the move-out page.


4. On the scheduled move out day, you will see the move out in your Reminders

Double click Move-out from the reminders menu.


5. Select the tenant to move out and click Next


6. You will then be on the move-out screen as shown in the first section of this article. Follow the instructions above to complete the move out. 

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