How do I set up my Walk Thru Order?

The Walk Thru Order in SiteLink represents the order in which units are laid out at your facility. This allows units to be in the correct order on the Walk Thru report which is often used by managers to physically inspect units. You can edit your Walk Thru Order to match the layout of your facility by following the instructions below. 

1. Click Setup in SiteLink Web Edition.


2. Click Units & Tenants. 


3. Click Walk Thru Order.


4. You can move units one at a time by dragging them into the correct place in the list. 

Alternatively, you can highlight a unit and use the Move Up and Move Down arrows on the right to move them into the correct position in the list.

You can also use the Shift key to select multiple units to move. Note: Units must be adjacent to one another in order to move them at the same time. 


5. Click OK when you are done making changes.

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