How do I turn on LeadAlert™ automated phone call reminders?

The free SiteLink LeadAlert™ feature allows you to receive an automated notification phone call for every inquiry/reservation generated through your website or call center in real-time. Follow the instructions below to enable this feature. 

Please note: This feature is currently only available for U.S. customers. 

1.From the Site Setup screen in SiteLink Corporate Control Center, click Rules: Websites, Call Centers, and Kiosks.


2. Select a site from your site list and click Next.

3. Under SiteLink LeadAlert, No automated phone call notification will be selected by default. 

Select Automated phone call notification to the phone number on the Site Setup screen to receive notifications at the facility phone number you previously entered in SiteLink.  

If you would like to receive notifications at a different phone number, select Automated phone call notification to the following phone number and enter a phone number in the field to the right. 


4. Click OK to save your selection.

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