Moving a tenant in when using Auto-Protect

⚠️  Auto-Protect is being Beta tested by a small group of customers and will be available to all facilities that use Storsmart or Bader as their insurance provider at a later date. Learn more about Auto-Protect.

After you have enabled Auto-Protect, there are a few simple operational tasks to complete when moving a tenant in through SiteLink:

  • Ensure tenants sign the insurance agreement at move-in in order to be enrolled in Auto-Protect.
  • Enter private insurance details if/when tenants provide it.
  • Make tenants exempt from Auto-Protect if needed.

Gathering tenant signatures on the Auto-Protect Agreement

The Auto-Protect Agreement is a document that your tenant signs that gives you their acknowledgement and consent to be enrolled in your store insurance policy if they don’t provide proof of private insurance coverage for their rental.


This document will be generated at move-in along with your lease and any other move-in documents that you require. Follow the steps below to gather the tenant’s signature on the Auto-Protect Agreement:

1. During the move-in process, select the Auto-Protect Agreement on the Finish Move-in screen along with any other forms the tenant needs to sign.

2. Have the tenant sign the forms either by eSign or as a paper copy.


3. If the tenant signs a physical copy of the agreement instead of using eSign, check the box stating “I confirm that I have stored a signed copy of the Insurance Agreement in Tenant’s file” before clicking Finish.


Once tenants have entered the Auto-Protect program, they will appear on the Insurance Enrollment screen in SiteLink. 

Learn more about the documents tenants receive once they’ve been enrolled in Auto-Protect.

Entering private insurance details

If your tenant provides proof of private insurance during the move-in process, follow the steps below to enter their insurance details.

1. On the move-in screen, click the “+” button next to Insurance.


2. Enter the tenant’s policy details in the Proof of Insurance section. Complete all fields in this section.

3. Click Create New Proof, then click OK to exit the screen. 



Making a tenant exempt from insurance enrollment 

If you would prefer that the tenant is not included in the Auto-Protect program and you would like them to make them exempt, follow the steps below:

1. On the move-in screen, click the “+” button next to Insurance.


2. Check Exempt from Auto-Protect and click OK.



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